Fantasy Queue: Spring 2011 Interweave Knits

A month or so ago, I got an offer from IK that I couldn’t refuse: a year’s worth of subscription, plus the special issue, for just over $20.  You had me at hello! At that price, I only need to use one pattern from each issue to make it worth the purchase price.  Of course I want to make many more things from each issue, so here is my fantasy queue, where price of yarn and time to knit do not factor in.

Oh, one quick thing … based on the yarn review in the magazine, I just ordered a skein of Misti Alpaca Tonos Pima Silk in the “Bahama” colorway, because it just sounds so divine. I’ll let you know if it lives up to the description.

#1 — Echo Reversible Drop-Stitch Moebius (p.18)

Big cables and dramatic dropped stitches worked in chunky yarn on #13 needles — wow! Imagine it in Classic Elite Forbidden — 100% Cashmere! — in the creamy-mocha Caffe colorway.

#2 — En Pointe Pullover (p. 20)

I know spring is all about warm, bright colors this year, but I would still err on the side of caution and choose something more neutral for such a big piece.  What about Alpaca Cloud in Smoke Heather? It may not have the drape of a linen blend, but it is still awfully nice — and one of my favorite lace-weight yarns to boot.


#3 — Swirl Crop Jacket (p. 24)

I think I’d use Gloss DK for this one … cozier, and still a crisp yarn with a nice sheen.  Again, I’m not sure I’m up for hot pink.  Instead, I’d go for the still-startling Peapod colorway.


#4 — Ruched Yoke Tee – Adult (p. 94)

I’m drawn to the ruching in this one, and the high armholes.  Too often summer sweaters or tees seem to be designed with going bra-less in mind.  I know most models can get away with that, but middle-aged moms of three boys, each breastfed in their turn, do not as a rule go outside the house without a bra holding everything firmly in place.  (You could put an eye out!) I think I might try using CEY Cotton Bam Boo for this one — perhaps in Willow? Bam Boo is sportweight (not DK) so there would be some serious swatching to be done ahead of time.


Fantasy Queue: Winter 2011 Knitty

Every time a new book, magazine, or web-zine of knitting patterns comes out, I have this moment where I wish I had nothing at all on the needles or in my queue, and I could just cast on half a dozen new projects with no guilt and every hope of finishing them all.

The Winter 2011 Edition of Knitty is no exception — there are plenty of patterns that say, “Pick me, pick me! Start-itis be damned!”  This Wednesday at Remily Knits I will indulge this desire by creating my very own Fantasy Queue: all the patterns paired with yarn and who I’d make it for, if I were not constrained by time or money (or housework, or kids, or dogs, or …).

#1 – Palisander

This is the shot that did me in.  Reversible scarves are tricky.  All too often, the pattern isn’t truly reversible — one side is distinctly prettier than the other.  Other patterns are dull (too much knit and purl), or just not attractive in their attempt to be reversible.  This pattern on the other hand … is YUMMY. I love both sides. I know exactly what I’d use too — Knit Picks  City Tweed DK in Toad.  I’d probably use Morning Glory, except that I already have a cozy shawl in Morning Glory.

#2 – Cartouche

One of my complaints about many lace shawls is that they all too often seem more like samplers — two or three pretty motifs, in sequence, with a pretty edging, but lacking any flow from one element to the next.  With this pattern, you can see the thought that went into blending the different motifs, and the result is gorgeous.  I think I’d try Blue Moon Fiber Arts  Marine Silk Fingering in True Blood — not a fiber I’ve used before, but one that begs for a pattern just like this.

#3 – Constantine

This one will probably stay on my fantasy queue forever. Although I love the shape and can imagine wearing the finished cape every day from fall to spring, I know myself well — that much seed stitch would do me in.  In my dreams, I’d use a dark heathered yarn like Ella Rae Classes Superwash Chunky in Berry Heather.  (In real life, I’d get the back, front, and half of one sleeve done before I just couldn’t face it any more.)

#4 – Chrysanthemums

Oh my goodness, I am a sucker for colorwork mittens. Although I admire the subtlety of the sample pair … I think I would go bold with Knit Picks new Chroma Fingering in Smoothie for the main color (background), using Knit Picks Gloss Fingering in Black for the contrast color (flower).  The pinky-orange and yellow flowing colors of Smoothie scream Chrysanthemum to me!

#5 – Sweetheart Socks

I’ll admit, at first I didn’t see what was so special about this pattern … I’ve knit dozens of socks in the last ten years, and it takes a lot to make me excited about a sock pattern.  What drew me in for these sweetheart socks is the novelty of working in worsted-weight yarn (fast socks! my heart leaps!), and the prospect of trying out an afterthought heel. (I’ve done an afterthought thumb, but never an afterthought heel.) I think I’d try Valley Yarns Northampton in Lake Heather.