NEW Pattern: Cogwheel




DesignerRachel Henry

Available:  $6 on Ravelry

Yarn: A Hundred Ravens Tyche in Asphalt and London

Click! Clack! Kerchunk! Cogwheels mesh to transmit torque. Rotational simple machines inspire this design.

This crescent shawl begins with the toothed edging, worked sideways. Two-color garter stitch alternates with lace wheels, all worked as you go. The body is worked from picked-up stitches, creating the crescent shape with gentle decreases. Slipped stitches continue the look of the edging, providing interest for the knitter and support for the shawl.

The edging is charted — full written directions for all charts are included in the pattern. The body has written directions only (no chart needed).

Cogwheel is part of the Clockwork Collection. Each of three shawls in the collection can be made with two 100-gram skeins of fingering weight yarn. Look for Flywheel and “Mainspring.”



CO Monday: Mainspring Prototype, Rory at the Coast, Peacock Themisto

It’s been a busy week! I finished off Cogwheel and sent the pattern to the tech editor, so it was time to cast on for the third and final design for the Clockwork Collection.  “Mainspring” uses one skein each of Kyoto and Couleren in Iachos.  The swatch is something  I made a while ago, looking for something to do with a high-contrast multi … I think it with be beautiful in these two spring-y colorways.

Speaking of Iachos, I abducted a test skein from the House of a Hundred Ravens.  I’m calling it “Rory the Roman” because the real colorway (slightly different) is “The Last Centurian.”  It looks an awful lot like my favorite breakfast item at Vic’s Waffle House: the Dulche de Leche Waffle. Yum!  I’m making a Steilküste cowl with it, which makes good use of short rows to pool the colors. Loving it so far!

Last but not least, I have a hat — Themisto – that I bought yarn for at Stitches East last fall.  I fell in love with the Peacock colorway, and had to come up with some excuse to buy it.  Glad I did!  The yarn is a bit, ahem, “rustic.”  But, I think it will be all right in the long run.

FO Friday: Fairy Rings

Lookit what I made, it’s so cool! :)

Project: Fairy Rings

Pattern: Miss Winkle

Designer: Martina Behm

Available: €3.60 EUR on Ravelry

Yarn: A Hundred Ravens Iachos  in “Frances and the Leaping Fairy

So … I think we all know how hard it can be to find a good pattern for a high-contrast multi-colored skein of hand-dyed yarn.  For instance, take a look at this skein:

 IMG_7393 - Copy


In terms of colors, the white, coral, and green all contrast sharply.  The tone of the saturated green and color are about the same, as you can see in the black-and-white version, but there is a strong contrast between the white and the most saturated “grey” ends of the skein. This is a colorway that will be stripey, and would overwhelm any but the most simple lace pattern.

BUT — it’s perfect for garter stitch, especially if the project has a variable stitch count to help avoid big pools of color. Martina Behm’s Hitchhiker is a perfect example of a simple pattern in garter stitch that increases gradually from a small cast-on to a broad end … it’s classic!  Martina seems to have made this sort of shawl/scarf a bit of a speciality.  What I like about Miss Winkle is the awesome loopy edge.  I need something to help hold my attention when working garter stitch, and this was just the thing.  An unexpected side-benefit of the loops is that they concentrate the color.  I estimate that each loop uses about half a round of the skein, so many progress through all three main colors. It helps “pop” the colors in the garter stitch…. and also, they are so cool!!

The curve of this kind of shawl happens naturally — the neck edge has kfb on both RS and WS rows, so it “pulls” a bit.


NEW Pattern: Carillon Cloche

Skacel has published the pattern for my Carillon Cloche — my sixth and final entry in The Fiber Factor.

PatternCarillon Cloche

DesignerRachel Henry

Available:  $7 on Ravelry

Yarn: Hat: Schoppel-Wolle Leinen Los (2 balls); Bow: Schulana Kid-Seta (1 ball each of 4 colors)

Notions: JUL shawl pin or other embellishment

I really love this hat — hated to turn it in, actually. I have yarn set aside, so I’m thinking of hosting a nice casual KAL for Carillon.  If you’re interested, pop on over to the Remily Knits forum and comment in the Carillon thread.

The brim is worked sideways, on the bias, in half linen stitch.  The body of the hat is stockinette, picked up from the edge of the brim.  The Leinen Los is held doubled throughout.  The band and bow is Kid-Seta, also held doubled, also half linen stitch.  Colors are swapped out one strand at a time to create the slow glowing color change. So pretty!  Band and bow are sewn in place after the hat is wet blocked.

You can also wear it with the brim pinned up:


Flywheel M-KAL update: Swatches galore!

We are a week away from the release of Clue #1 of the Flywheel M-KAL!  I’ve decided to start the prizes early for this M-KAL.  If you know me, you know I think swatching is a valuable and important part of the knitting process.  Any M-KAL-er who posts a photo of their swatch for Flywheel is eligible to win this pair of hand-made stitch markers:


Details for the drawing are posted in the Remily Knits forum.

Many thanks to Jane for crafting these (and many more!) fabulous stitch markers especially for me to give away during this M-KAL.  She does beautiful work.