New Pattern: Whitecaps Cowl

This quick one-skein project is perfect for that orphan skein of worsted hanging out in your stash. Whether it was an impulse purchase or a leftover from a larger project, that beautiful, soft skein has a destiny!


Whitecaps is a close-fitting cowl that tapers slightly from neck to shoulder. Worked in the round, this deceptively simple pattern combines elongated stiches with a basic cable to break up color repeats and striping.

I designed this cowl with Epona in mind. This worsted-weight yarn from A Hundred Ravens is truly delightful. It has to be touched to be believed!

Pattern is charted; full written translation for the chart is included on page 3.






New Pattern: Snakegrass




Snakegrass is now available on Ravelry!  

Much thanks to Outlaw Yarn for providing the soft and scrumptious Bohemia Sport that I used in this design.


When I was little, my dad took me on hikes on his parents’ farm in Minnesota. We rambled through woodsy bits, up the hill, across the rockslide, and through tall grassy meadows. I remember him handing me stalks of snakegrass (aka horsetail, aka puzzlegrass, aka Equisetum) and showing me how the segments can be taken apart and put back together.

This design reminds me of the stacked branching structure of snakegrass. One edge is serrated; the other edge undulates smoothly. Each tier grows organically from the previous tier.

IMG_9479Snakegrass is worked flat. The pattern is achieved by alternating colors and slipped stitches.  The finished item may be worn as a scarf, or grafted to form a long cowl.

The 60-row pattern is charted; full written directions are also provided.



Sneak Peek: Glinda MKAL

I just finished the picot bind-off on Glinda, an upcoming Mystery KAL.  The MKAL will start in September — I still have photography, testing, and tech editing ahead of me — but for now, I offer you this sneak peek of a tiny corner of the finished shawl:

glinda tip

New Pattern: Silvan Vinyard

Silvan Vinyard is an asymmetrical garter-stitch shawl with a leafy edge. Designed for the Random Fandom Yarn Club, it is inspired by the woodland elves of Tolkien’s novels.

Imagine a silvan vinyard tended by elves. Would they wear the grapevines draped sweetly ‘round their necks? I think they might.

IMG_9440 corrected IMG_9374 corrected

Silvan Vinyard is easily adapted to any weight yarn: simply use an appropriately-sized needle. It is easily enlarged if you have more yardage: simply work additional repeats of the body pattern.

This pattern is mainly charted. Full written instructions are provided for all charts.

IMG_9447 corrected IMG_9373corrected

New Pattern: Eponymous Mitts

I designed Eponymous Mitts to show off vibrant colorways in a quick, fun-to-knit pattern. This pattern features a new worsted-weight yarn from A Hundred Ravens: Epona. It is similar in structure to Aesir, and it has the same bouncy feel and takes dye beautifully.

For a limited time only I am collaborating with A Hundred Ravens to promote this awesome new yarn. If you try out Epona, I’ll give you the pattern for Eponymous Mitts for free (details in the AHR forum).

Epona Mitts Prototype

Epona Mitts Prototype

The mitts are knit flat, then seamed with a thumb-hole — super easy. The slip-stitch pattern highlights variegated yarn. Pattern is sized for children’s small through men’s large; length is easily adapted if you prefer longer mitts.

New Pattern: Crosswind Pullover

I’m pleased to bring you Crosswind!

main photo 1

main photo 2

Crosswind is a cropped sweater that features dramatic flared cuffs, a scoop neck, and deep ribbing at the waist. The cuffs fold back over ¾-length sleeves and are sewn in place: use your favorite buttons for a decorative accent. Crosswind borrows its silhouette from the sweaters of the 50’s, with steampunk details to delight and inspire.

Worn with 1-2” of positive ease, this garment is both forgiving and flattering. Body and sleeves are worked bottom-up, in the round, until armhole bind-offs. The ribbed neckline is worked in the round from picked-up stitches. Traditional sleeve caps provide a tailored fit. Pattern includes directions for plain ribbed cuffs.

support photo 3

support photo 4

I’m especially excited to launch this design, because Knitcrate is offering a limited-edition Crosswind kit. The kit includes the pattern, yarn, and some awesome extras. You have a choice of three exclusive colorways of Aesir from A Hundred Ravens.

Aesir is a round and bouncy 8-ply superwash merino that straddles the line between sport and DK. It has the perfect combination of substance and drape when worked at a DK gauge (5.5 spi). The 8 plies are actually four 2-ply strands, cabled back on themselves; this lends Aesir durability and strength, making it a near-perfect sweater yarn.


This is a design that I’ve adored pretty much from the first sketch all the way through blocking and photography.  This isn’t normally the case for me! I’m used to a certain stage of my design process where I kinda sorta hate what’s on the needles.

But Crosswind practically knit itself … I love the cuffs, love the deep ribbing, love the pretty scoop neck.

support photo 2

support photo 1



Coming Soon to a Project Bag Near You

It’s been a busy, busy spring in my head design-wise — and my hands have been busy too! I haven’t knit many just-for-me projects in what seems like ages…. In fact I have so much going on, I had to break down and make a spreadsheet of all the design projects I have planned, submitted, on the needles, in need of photography, and off to the Tech Editor.

(Ok, if you know me, you know it wasn’t THAT big a sacrifice to make a spreadsheet …. )

I have a couple designs coming out Very Soon that I’d like to share with you, dear reader.  These are sneak peeks — full posts on each design will be forthcoming.


If you are in the Random Fandom yarn club, beware! Spoilers below (specifically, #3).

#1: Eponymous Mitts

A Hundred Ravens is debuting their new worsted-weight yarn Very Soon Now.  The yarn is called Epona (after the Celtic goddess of horses), and it is simply delightful.  I designed these mitts as a quick one-skein project — great for gifts, great for you :).

IMG_9460 correctd

#2: Crosswind Sweater

Seriously, I love this sweater so much. Those cuffs! Swoon. This is my first garment design in Aesir, and I’m pleased to say I was 100% correct in thinking that it is awesome for sweaters. Also, I am Very Excited because KnitCrate will be selling this design as a kit! The KnitCrate kit comes with the pattern and the yarn you need to complete your very own Crosswind.  Kate and I made three brand-new gorgeous colors for the kits — can’t wait to share them with you.

main photo 2

#3: Silvan Vinyard Shawlette

This is design features the June yarn-of-the-month for Random Fandom. Club members … look away if you don’t want to be spoiled! :) The shawlette is mostly garter, with a leafy edge that makes the colors sing.  This is those any-yarn, any-amount-of-yarn designs — just use the right needles, and keep knitting until you run out of yarn.

IMG_9440 corrected