FO Friday: Sublime Rosewood


Project: Sublime Rosewood

Pattern: Sublimity

Designer: Sivia Harding

Available: $6 as a single pattern, or $26 for the 7-pattern collection

Yarn: madelinetosh Tosh Vintage in “Rosewood”

Beads: 6/0 Miyuki round seed beads; transparent lavender with AB finish

Man alive I have a serious designer crush on Sivia Harding.  This is yet another awesome pattern from her mind. Love the stitch pattern, love how the decreases are hidden … love the sparing yet perfect use of beads! I knit this cowl as-written, even though the neck seemed a bit high … turns out I was right, since it crumples up when I wear it, but maybe I have a short neck and the fault is not with the pattern. Tosh Vintage is just as yummy as it always is.





FO Friday: Early Grey Lattice


Project: Early Grey Lattice

Pattern: Lattice

Designer: Rose Beck

Available: $5 as a single pattern, or $13 for the 4-pattern collection

Yarn: madelinetosh Tosh DK in “Earl Grey”

Love the yarn, love the project.  I did extra repeats of the lower border to use up as much yarn as possible. I found both stitch patterns intuitive and fun.  My only complaint is that the garter stitch lower edge seems to flare a bit on my shawl … maybe more strenuous blocking is in order?


FO Friday: Purple Gusher Socks


Project: Purple Gushers

Pattern: GUSH

Designer: Yarnissima

Available: €4.00 EUR on Ravelry

Yarn: CEY Alpaca Sox in “Byzantine Purple”

This is the second of five pairs of socks that I’m making for my mom.  Alpaca Sox is fuzzy and warm, and the pattern was fun.  Every row is charted on these toe-up socks, which I loved! I had a little trouble following the transition from pattern to rib at the top of the leg, and with both socks I had to fudge it a bit.  I chalk this up to a failing in my understanding of the “sizing” directions (three sizes are shown on each chart).  Cool pattern, great yarn.  Next!

FO Friday: playing catch-up

I’m a little behind on my Finished Object posts … so I’ll post a couple projects today, all of which were completed BEFORE the first Fiber Factor Challenge.  Next week, after the results of Challenge #1 are released, I’ll be able to share that project (whee!).  In the break between challenges, I’ve finished off three personal projects — I’m writing posts NOW and scheduling them for release once a week while I’m needles-flying on Challenge #2.

Without further ado … lookit, I made stuff!


Project: Queen Susan

Pattern: Circlet

Designer: Dani Sunshine

Available: FREE! on Ravelry

Yarn: leftover Cascade 220

This is a clever little pattern — easy and quick, with deceptively simple design.  Among other things, I love how the “points” are a larger circumference than the elastic headband — which means it lies flat when on a surface, but is snug when worn.  Brilliant!  I made this for my friend’s little girl Susan, who requested the color pink :).


Project: Soft Purple Kitty Capelet

Pattern: Noelle Capelet

Designer: Martin Storey

Available: in Rowan Winter Warmers

Yarn: Rowan Lima in “purple mist”

I made this as a store sample for the Hub Mills Store.  I literally BEGGED to make something out of Lima when it first arrived … and then proceeded to take a year to finish this project. Simply put, I am not good at finishing mostly-stockinette projects.  I have to say, the fit on this is a little weird … but it’s incredibly warm, soft, and cozy.  It’s better than a snuggy for knitting!  I’m counting down the six-month waiting period until I get it back from display in the shop :).



Project: Apple Green Shrug

Pattern: DROPS 130-12

Designer: DROPS Design

Available: FREE! at

Yarn: Shine Worsted in “Green Apple”

I’ve had this shrug in my Ravelry queue for a loooong time.  I bought the yarn, and put it on a shelf. The longer I had it around, the less I loved it … and the pattern appealed less and less too. But the most stubborn part of me wanted to complete a DROPS pattern — notorious for the density and brevity of their instructions.  I have to say, the pattern was “complete” in the sense that all the information to make the shrug was contained in the solid little paragraph of instructions … but I had to do a lot of expansion and math to make the knitting do-able.  I think in a print-only world, this would be fine … but in the internet era, I prefer slightly more expanded directions.

The shrug is knit in two mirror-image curved pieces that form the fronts — they are joined at the back neck and the lower back in a circle.  The rectangular piece spans the circle, and sleeves finish the garment. The curved fronts are created with calculated increases/decreases and short rows, all while keeping up with patterned columns AND a lace panel. The “other side” has the infamous “reverse shaping” direction — which isn’t terrible when it’s just armhole shaping, but in this case I found it to be a bit eye-popping.  Still, I can now say I’ve completed a DROPS pattern … and I understand why only the most intrepid knitters venture there.



FO Not-Friday: Hexipuffs!

This is crazy, but today I … how can I put it? I finished my very last hexipuff.  I’m not making any more.  I have, um, something over 400 puffs.  I’ll count them eventually and report back.  Right now I’m buried in Fiber Factor knitting (say hey, my “intro video” is up — check it out!).  (I’m moderately mortified to film myself, but what can you do??) Anyway, back to puffs: I have a mad plan to take over the guest room bed, arrange the puffs the way I want, and then take my time tying them together. Wish me luck!

Here are the Final Seven Hexipuffs:

Last Seven Hexipuffs

FO Friday: Two Cowls

I bought two skeins of DK-weight yarn from A Hundred Ravens, and made two cowls!

Pretty yarn:


I made the orangey-red skein of Danu into a Greyhaven cowl:


Project: Maple Greyhaven

Pattern: Greyhaven

Designer: Robin Ulrich

Available: $4 on Ravelry

Yarn: A Hundred Ravens Danu (Maple)

I wanted a tighter cowl, so I cast on with only seven repeats of the main lace pattern.  My first try turned out too tight, so I frogged and cast on again with one extra repeat.  At this stitch count, the yarn pooled in a really beautiful way!  Happy accident.

For the pink-and-green skein of Danu, I decided on Trestle, somewhat modified:






Project: Rose Trestle


Pattern: Trestle Neckwarmer


Designer: Virginia Catherall


Available: FREE on Ravelry


Yarn: A Hundred Ravens Danu (Briar Rose)

I eliminated the button on this pattern, and knit it in the round instead of flat.  I also reduced the number of repeats, going for a snugger fit.  Once again, too snug! I frogged, added a repeat, knit it again. I love the fit of the final version — it stays up around my neck if I’m cold, or I can fold it in half for a more decorative look.  The cables played nice with this vibrant colorway. Yay!

Danu is soft, soft, soft and held up to the frogging well, despite being a single-ply yarn.

FO Friday: Raspberry Wristers


Project: Raspberry Wristers

Pattern: Garter Cable Wristlets

Designer: Amy Loberg

Available: FREE! from Classic Elite’s Web-Letter 

Yarn: CEY Fresco in #5332 (Plum)

I saw this pattern go by in a web-letter, and knew I had to make them. Any excuse to work with Fresco! So soft and dreamy :).  I have big peasant hands, so I ended up needing five repeats of the pattern (instead of just four).  I was afraid I’d run out of yarn, but I had just barely enough.  I’ve worn them frequently, and they are stashed in my purse for chilly rooms.


FO Friday: Red Devonian


Project: Red Devonian

Pattern: Devonian

Designer: Laura Kanemori

Available: $6 on Ravelry, or $16 for “The Sock Report vol 1” (16 total patterns)

Yarn: Malabrigo Sock in “Tiziano Red”


I’m making 5 pairs of socks for my mom, of which this is the first finished pair.  She chose the yarn to match outfits she already has, and I’m choosing the patterns. I have had Devonian in my queue for a while — so pretty! It suits a tonal colorway perfectly. I did change the “start of round” in the leg so that the holes would be paired (instead of offset by a round) and the sk2p would take place at the beginning of the round (instead of spread over two rounds). Also, I used a sewn bind off instead of Jenny’s etc. Other that that — these are exactly as written.


FO Friday: Parseval in the Clover

A minor miracle occurred in my home town this week …. I finished a sweater, for me!


Project: Parseval in the Clover

Pattern: Parseval

Designer: Melissa Wehrle

Available: $6 on Ravelry

Yarn: Knit Picks Gloss DK in “Clover”

I started this project in January 2012, and I’m sorry to say it was only the anniversary of the start date that goosed me into finished the project.  It fits great (especially after a slightly-more-vigorous washing, which plumped up the cowl neck and cables), and I love the color. I don’t love millions of miles of 4×1 ribbing (even in the round), but thanks to shame and Final Fantasy XIII, I did plow through it.  (I knit during the frequent and endless cut scenes.)

Speaking of ribbing, this project helped me conquer, once and for all, my ribbing “problem.”  Like many people, the leftmost knit stitch was too loose compared to it’s fellows, making the ribbing look crappy (that’s a technical knitting term, meaning “not as good as one would like”).  I discovered, via introspection, that I was shoving the whole needle through that stitch, rather than knitting on the tips as I usually do.  I don’t really know why.  But, focusing on the tips, plus a little judicious cinching-up when I forgot, made for acceptable ribbing throughout this project.


FO Friday: William Morris Hat


Project: William Morris Mojitos

Pattern: riffing on Rubbish Mojitos

Designer: Woolly Wormhead

Available: £3.00 GBP on Ravelry

Yarn: Tosh Light in “William Morris”

Some time ago, this skein of yarn followed me home:



It tried to be a lot of things, but nothing worked.  Eventually, I riffed on a pattern by Woolly Wormhead and made a hat … it’s not a perfect hat, but it’s warm and soft, and perfectly serviceable :).