FO Friday (err, Saturday): Zylphia Over Yonder and Sapphire Papilionoidea

In a special weekend edition of FO Friday, I bring you two projects I finished this summer….

2527 Zylphia (blocked)

Project: Zylphia Over Yonder

Pattern: Zylphia Cowl

Designer: Stephannie Tallent

Available: on Ravelry ($6)

Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Tonal in Blue Yonder

I tech edited this pattern, and absolutely could not resist casting on almost the moment I finished the editing work.  This cowl takes the stitch patterns from Stephannie’s “Zylphia Pilots Her Airship” sweater (published at the Sanguine Gryphon) and scales it down into a beautiful lacy cowl. Turned picot hems finish both ends; the cowl is knit entirely in the round.  I found the lace pattern interesting and easy to memorize.  It shows off tonal yarn beautifully.



2525 sapphire papilionoidea


Project: Sapphire Papilionoidea

Pattern: Papilionoidea

Designer: Caroline Wright

Available: on Ravelry (£2.00 GBP)

Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Fingering in Sapphire Heather

I was lucky enough to test knit this pattern for the designer. I had been trying to decide what socks to make for my Dad — he’d requested “fancy” socks in Sapphire Heather with his Christmas Knit4UxMe.  Then I saw these, and wow! It’s amazing how the butterfly emerges from the lacy pattern. This is another great pattern by an indy designer: well-written, clear, and definitely worth the purchase price.

2526 sapphire papilionoidea


Pictures from my dad, of the socks on his feet! 🙂

sapphire butterfly sock on my dad



FO Friday: Butterfly Mittens

This week, I don’t have (*gasp!*) a finished object I can share with you.  Lucky for us, I have made a lot of things over the years, so I will go back a few months and …. tada! Butterfly mittens.  (By total coincidence, but in a neat way, the designer of this pattern recently gifted all her previous customers with a free copy of her latest fingerless mitt pattern: Dextrous Mitts. Awesome little pattern! Thank you, Eskimimi Knits!)

1274 Butterfly Mittens (backs)

Pattern: Flutter Butterfly Mittens

Designer: Mimi Hill

Available: $4.50 on ravelry

Yarn: Stroll Tonal in Deep Waters, Stroll in Cocoa

1273 Butterfly Mittens (palms)

This was a great pattern — well worth the purchase price.  Clear, correct directions and easy-to-read charts, and a design to envy.  I chose “Deep Waters” and “Cocoa” because this was a gift project, and the mittens were meant to match the recipients winter jacket. The tonal blue colors made for gorgeous butterflies, don’t you think?

1259 Butterfly Mitten (with liner)

Alas, I was nearly done with the first mitten when I had to admit the truth: my loose-knitter ways had created a mitten that was going to be … not enormous exactly, but certainly larger than was proper. I could have ripped it out and done everything on a size smaller needle, but instead I decided to finish the tip a bit early (the original pattern has a third row of “big” butterflies, and use the extra space as a “design feature.”  Using fluffy & warm Suri Dream, I improvised a pair of thumb-less mitten liners that fit inside the slightly-too-large shell, filling it out admirably.

1256 Mitten Liner

1259 Butterfly Mitten (with liner)

1254 Mitten Liner

Other mods: I changed the cuff a bit, because I like a tubular cast on, two-color ribbing, and a longer cuff than the pattern called for. I also changed the thumb a bit, making it longer and continuing the gusset pattern rather than switching it up. I think I also did the thumb tip decreases a little more quickly than called for — I like a rounded tip.

1207 butterfly mittens (closeup)