FO Friday: playing catch-up

I’m a little behind on my Finished Object posts … so I’ll post a couple projects today, all of which were completed BEFORE the first Fiber Factor Challenge.  Next week, after the results of Challenge #1 are released, I’ll be able to share that project (whee!).  In the break between challenges, I’ve finished off three personal projects — I’m writing posts NOW and scheduling them for release once a week while I’m needles-flying on Challenge #2.

Without further ado … lookit, I made stuff!


Project: Queen Susan

Pattern: Circlet

Designer: Dani Sunshine

Available: FREE! on Ravelry

Yarn: leftover Cascade 220

This is a clever little pattern — easy and quick, with deceptively simple design.  Among other things, I love how the “points” are a larger circumference than the elastic headband — which means it lies flat when on a surface, but is snug when worn.  Brilliant!  I made this for my friend’s little girl Susan, who requested the color pink :).


Project: Soft Purple Kitty Capelet

Pattern: Noelle Capelet

Designer: Martin Storey

Available: in Rowan Winter Warmers

Yarn: Rowan Lima in “purple mist”

I made this as a store sample for the Hub Mills Store.  I literally BEGGED to make something out of Lima when it first arrived … and then proceeded to take a year to finish this project. Simply put, I am not good at finishing mostly-stockinette projects.  I have to say, the fit on this is a little weird … but it’s incredibly warm, soft, and cozy.  It’s better than a snuggy for knitting!  I’m counting down the six-month waiting period until I get it back from display in the shop :).



Project: Apple Green Shrug

Pattern: DROPS 130-12

Designer: DROPS Design

Available: FREE! at

Yarn: Shine Worsted in “Green Apple”

I’ve had this shrug in my Ravelry queue for a loooong time.  I bought the yarn, and put it on a shelf. The longer I had it around, the less I loved it … and the pattern appealed less and less too. But the most stubborn part of me wanted to complete a DROPS pattern — notorious for the density and brevity of their instructions.  I have to say, the pattern was “complete” in the sense that all the information to make the shrug was contained in the solid little paragraph of instructions … but I had to do a lot of expansion and math to make the knitting do-able.  I think in a print-only world, this would be fine … but in the internet era, I prefer slightly more expanded directions.

The shrug is knit in two mirror-image curved pieces that form the fronts — they are joined at the back neck and the lower back in a circle.  The rectangular piece spans the circle, and sleeves finish the garment. The curved fronts are created with calculated increases/decreases and short rows, all while keeping up with patterned columns AND a lace panel. The “other side” has the infamous “reverse shaping” direction — which isn’t terrible when it’s just armhole shaping, but in this case I found it to be a bit eye-popping.  Still, I can now say I’ve completed a DROPS pattern … and I understand why only the most intrepid knitters venture there.




CO Monday: Soft Purple Kitty Capelet

It’s been almost two weeks since I cast on a new project! I’m not sick, I’m not deranged–I’m just trying to whittle down my WIP count. I actually have finished a bunch of things — Eli’s orange hoodie, the knit Jasper, and the Echo Flower shawl.  Yay!

My new project is another sample for the Hub Mills store: a Noelle Capelet in the called-for yarn, Rowan Lima.  This yarn is heavenly, and I literally begged for the opportunity to knit a sample with it.  Lucky me, I got the thumbs up!  I’ve got the ribbed neckline done — the rest in just raglan increases and stockinette in-the-round. Here’s my color:


Ravelry Monday: Eomer Shield Tam, Pineapple Delight, Starboard Cape

First Pick: Eomer Shield Tam, by KYMaggie ($3.50)

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!  This pattern uses stranded colorwork and cables to re-create in yarn a beautiful design from the Lord of the Rings.  I think I might depart from the official Rohan colorway — the design uses 7 colors, maybe deep purple, bright sky blue, and silvery gray?

Second Pick: Pineapple Delight, by Larissa Valeeva (FREE!)

What a stunning (and FREE!) pattern! I am thinking of using this with my new Zauberball skein, but I would have to do a shorter version as I don’t have quite enough yardage.  This is worked provisionally downwards for the main lace color, then upwards with short rows to make the top.  The second PDF (with “en” at the end) is in English, even though the title is in Russian.

Third Pick: Starboard Cape, by Courtney Kelley (available in Knitscene, Summer 2011)

This little sleeved capelet is so darn CUTE.  It makes me think of Mad Men for some reason — just the thing for an office girl to wear?