Cast-On Monday: Lace Project the Second, a Hat Re-do, and Peacock-Blue Mariposa

Alas, my Pebbled Beanie in William Morris Tosh Light just didn’t look right.  I frogged back to the ribbing, because I still wanted a hat.  I surfed Ravelry a bit, found something that inspired me, and I’m winging it from there.  Here’s the first few rounds — basically I’m doing a simple travelling knit stitch on a reverse stockinette background.  I plan to have the direction zig and zag “some” — should be cool.  I still love the yarn.


Today a friend came over to knit.  We sat outside on the deck in the cool September sun and knit while our dogs rambled around the yard — in other words, nearly idyllic afternoon!  I couldn’t resist the lure of casting on Something New.  So, I wound my new lace Madelinetosh in Turquoise and started a Mariposa.


I guess I must have contracted cast-on-itis today, because I also wound the yarn and cast on for the second lace shawlette in a planned set-of-three series.  What can I say, inspiration hit me like a bag of bricks! 🙂  Here is the pretty hand-dyed merino/tencel from Mind’s Eye that I’m using for this design project (the puppy helped me shop):