Fiber Factor: Goodies for Challenge #2

My box for Challenge #2 of The Fiber Factor came Saturday!

We have a choice of two yarns for Challenge #2: Simplicity, and Simpliworsted. The package included full color cards and two skeins of each yarn. Thank you to Skacel for the little extras! Heartstopper end caps for the Addi Click sets — hooray! And a nice 4×4 gauge measuring device too.

I’ve already played a bit with both weights of yarn — I will likely choose the finer gauge (Simplicity), unless Challenge #2 is “king size blankets” or “yarnbomb your home.”


This is all helping me stay calm while I wait (hrrrmmmmmm waiting is hard!) for the Results Show for Challenge #1 — debuting at 4pm PDT, aka 7pm at my house. I have some knitter friends joining me in person and via the phone to help me survive the waiting!