Fiber Factor Update: Challenge #2 Photos

Photos of our Challenge #2 “Color Inside the Box” projects are up at The Fiber Factor!

Each sweater (or sweaters, in one case) was/were photographed on a real live model, from four different angles. Hooray! I think my piece was photographed well. “Hillcrest” is the fourth row down from the top.

Is it ok to admit that I have a favorite?  I love John’s linen-stitch asymmetric voluminous sleeveless pullover.


Fiber Factor: Challenge #2 in progress

It’s been just over a week since we “Swatchers” received our yarn for Challenge #2.  I chose Simplicity, in seven different colors.  My main color is gunmetal grey, to act as a background canvas for some extreme intarsia colorwork, using garter stitch and slipped stitches to achieve the look of a stained glass window.  I was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s amazing stained glass windows, that incorporate natural themes while still being very mathematically appealing.

Want a sneak preview of my Challenge #2 Project?  Go see photos at the Fiber Factor forums

Some friends and I drove up to Manchester to tour the Zimmerman house, a FLW home that is almost 100% preserved as he designed it. Only 12 people may tour at a time, and you have to buy tickets in advance.  Once on site we wore booties while in the home, and were instructed to TOUCH NOTHING.  We were literally walking through a work of art – what an amazing building!  I’m not sure I could do as the Zimmerman’s did, and live for decades as part of this work of art … but I surely admire them. Many aspects of the home reminded me of the house my Grandpa Bob built, by hand, out of local limestone in Cannon Falls, MN.  The local materials, the wide-open living spaces, and the blurring of inside and outside … here are some photos I took in 2000, when we visited when my oldest son was a baby.



Fiber Factor: Goodies for Challenge #2

My box for Challenge #2 of The Fiber Factor came Saturday!

We have a choice of two yarns for Challenge #2: Simplicity, and Simpliworsted. The package included full color cards and two skeins of each yarn. Thank you to Skacel for the little extras! Heartstopper end caps for the Addi Click sets — hooray! And a nice 4×4 gauge measuring device too.

I’ve already played a bit with both weights of yarn — I will likely choose the finer gauge (Simplicity), unless Challenge #2 is “king size blankets” or “yarnbomb your home.”


This is all helping me stay calm while I wait (hrrrmmmmmm waiting is hard!) for the Results Show for Challenge #1 — debuting at 4pm PDT, aka 7pm at my house. I have some knitter friends joining me in person and via the phone to help me survive the waiting!