Cast-On Monday: a last-minute hat, and another design project

This week I cast on for the sweater design I sold to CEY.  It’s worked in the round, and I knit for about 2 inches before realizing that I’d put a full twist in by accident. Sigh. Rip. I’m back to where I was, and further … just wish I hadn’t wasted all that time.

I also cast on for a hat — the Cloche Divine, with Sugarbunny.  Someone contacted me on Ravelry asking to buy the yarn, but I really wanted to make this hat from it.  I offered to sell her the leftovers … but to do that I had to actually make the hat!  It’s going super fast — I finished all the short-row gathers for the “bow” last night, and I’m about 2 inches from the crown decreases.