CO Monday: Your Way Cowl

I’m working on a new design project … something in Danu, a one-skein cowl.  Kate’s brilliant idea was to make it so the knitter could knit it flat OR in the round — hence, “Your Way Cowl.”

I’m using my skein of Squonk from the Bestiary Yarn Club.



I tried out a couple stitch patterns … it’s always a challenge to find something interesting that doesn’t start a pitched battle with the colorway, when using highly variegated yarns like this one.  I think I’ve found the right one … but who knows, later tonight I may rip it all out! 😉


CO Monday: DIC Wisp design project

Hooray! My design submission to Dream In Color was accepted.  I’m making a lace shawl: crescent-shaped, bottom up, with optional nupps — in two sizes no less! DIC’s new Wisp is super pretty — according to the Ravelry page for Wisp, they released this yarn in a different put-up as part of the 2012 yarn club. I for one am glad to have it become part of their line.  The hand-painted colors just glow on the merino-silk blend.

My design will be in the “Brilliant” colorway:

This isn’t Wisp, of course — some other base.  But I will show you WIP photos to prove it’s just as pretty on the lace-weight Wisp!

Once the pattern is complete and fully tested and tech edited, I’ll be hosting a knit-along on my Ravelry group.  It won’t be a mystery this time — you’ll know what you’re getting into! — but I will provide support, cheerleading, and prizes to help motivate you.  The full size of the design will use two skeins of Wisp, but the pattern will also provide directions for a scaled-down version that only needs one skein.


CO Monday: AATG #2

This week I cast on for the second shawl in the “Airs Above The Ground” series.  This one is a half-circle with a notch for the neck, like Broken. I’m using the Styx skein from A Hundred Ravens:


The skein is dip-dyed in bright pink and a rich purpley black, so naturally it will pool and flash and stripe as the stitch count varies.  This is always a concern with using hand-dyed yarn that has a strong color difference … but in this case the pattern is working up well.  I’m using a simple and bold lace pattern, so that it doesn’t fight with the yarn — so far so good!

Cast-On Monday: Shawl Project (Prototype #1)

I’ve spent the last three-ish weeks knitting almost exclusively on a fingering weight sweater prototype for The Sock Report 2 (yay! still excited about this publication!).  If you know me at all, you know I am the exact opposite of a monogamous knitter.  In the last few weeks I know that I spent an hour working on  my Catkin shawl (as a reward for finishing the back of the prototype sweater), and I made about one hexipuff a day.  That’s it!  Normally, I will bring 3-4 projects along to a given knitting session, switching every hour or so to keep it fresh.  That’s just how I roll!

My work paid off: I finished the prototype with a few days to spare, and sent the pattern and sample off to the good people at The Sock Report for photography and tech editing.  You can imagine how antsy I was to cast on something NEW and DIFFERENT!  But of course I had all those neglected projects for me waiting in the wings too … so I compromised, and cast on for a new design project with this gorgeous BMFA Socks That Rock LW (Rare Gems):

I’m planning a three-design collection of one-skein fingering-weight small shawls.  I want to feature small/indy dyers — the STR for the first shawl is the most “mainstream” skein I’ll be using.  I’m also using a skein of “Cranberry” Merino/Tencel from Mind’s Eye (on the left) and a skein of “Walker” Barefoot Bohemian Sock from Bohemia Fibers. I had initially planned to use a fourth dyer as well … but the two skeins I picked from that dyer just didn’t “go” with the other three.  I will still design a fourth shawl, but it won’t be part of the collection.

So here’s a question, dear reader … what shall I name these three shawls? I had some pretty horse-related names picked out, but between the “Walker” skein (legit zombie) and the red/purple/blue of the other two, I’m sort of thinking of a zombie/monster theme might be better.  But, I don’t want to put off people who aren’t rabid zombie fans like me.  Hmmmmmmm.

Cast-On Monday: Lacy Cardi Prototype, Cuckoo for Hexipuffs

Early last week I received a shipment of yarn from the UK.  All week I’ve worked almost exclusively on the prototype for a lacy summer cardi for KNIT Magazine.  The good news is … I’m nearly done!  I have a bit more of the back to do, then (short) sleeves, then it’s just wash, block, and ship.  Naturally I can’t share any photos or design details, but I think you’ll like it, when it comes out later this year.

The other knitting event in my life this week was hexipuffs: I have succumbed to the madness.  I have joined a mini-skein swap, and chopped up a skein of Butternut Merino/Tencel from Mind’s Eye Yarn.



I also dug through my box of sock-yarn-leftovers for all my “premium” bits, and I’ve made four puffs already. I am using puff-making as a reward for chugging through on the design project. Which is not to say that the design project is a problem (not at all — in fact it’s quick). Rather, I’m not usually a monogamous knitter, so I have to find ways to motivate myself to stay on task. Mostly.


Cast-on Monday: Tornado Warning and Castlevania

In the last two weeks I’ve been working hard to get projects OFF the needles, but I also cast on two new projects.

The first I’m calling “Tornado Warning.”  It’s a design project, and for now I’m keeping the details top-secret because the construction is very unusual — maybe new? If it works out as expected, I will try to get it published somewhere cool, so lots of knitters can see.  I’m using gorgeous Thunderhead Tonal Stroll yarn — so pretty.

2390 KP Stroll in Thunderhead Tonal




I also cast on for the Wilhemina KAL taking place on the WWMdFK group on Ravelry.  I’m using KP Imagination in “Castle Walls” — appropriate for a Dracula-inspired pattern, no?  If you haven’t already discovered Craft Lit, start listening now!  Heather is doing Dracula right now, and it is awesome.

IMG_2899(rev 1)