CO Monday: Blue Yonder Lambton, Olive Medallion Socks

Having finished one pair of socks for my mom, on to the next!  This time the yarn is Claudia Hand-Painted in a lovely shade of olive.  I chose Andrea Fox’s pattern Medallion Lace Socks. I decided to do these ones two-at-a-time, and I’m already done with both cuffs. Yay!


I also dug up some old-ish sweater stash: two batches of Shadow Tonal in Blue Yonder. I bought this is two chunks … which means I have two different dye lots.  In person, they look the same, but from experience I know that sometimes even “same-looking” yarn will make an ugly line of demarcation in a finished object. I should be ok though, because I plan to knit with this yarn mostly double-stranded, so I can easily take one ball from each dye lot and thus avert any dye lot lines.

I’m making a Lambton Top (Theressa Silver) from the 2011 Jane Austen Knits. Instead of trying to find a lace-weight and DK weight in the same colorway (or using stripes like some knitters have), I am using single-stranded Shadow for the laceweight portion, and double-stranded Shadow for the DK portion.  So far, so good!  I’ve read in other people’s project notes that the neck can be too big … for now, I’m making it as-written. I used a crochet cast-on, so it will be easy to go back and add some more fabric if I don’t like the size of the neckline.




FO Friday: TSS Scarf

Sometimes simple projects are the most beautiful…


Project: TSS Scarf

Pattern: improvised

Designer: my head

Available: (not available, at least not yet)

Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino in “blue-purple” (2 skeins)

This scarf is for a good friend, the owner of TSS (aka Trial Secretary Services).  She handles the scoring for dog agility trials, and often asks me to help her at the big trials.  Scoring is one of my favorite jobs at agility trials, and working with Judy is always a pleasure.  I’ve been wanting to make her something knitted for a long time, and I finally settled on a project that she would like and use.



I held the fingering-weight yarn doubled, and used #8 needles.  Using an i-cord cast on, I cast on for 30 + 3 + 3 = 36 stitches.  The three edge stitches stayed i-cord throughout, and the I worked the center 30 in linen stitch.  I think the simple stitch pattern allowed the doubled hand-painted yarn to really shine.  I finished the top with an i-cord bind off, and grafted the last three stitches of i-cord to that side’s i-cord edge.   The seamless i-cord runs all the way around the whole scarf, giving a soft yet polished edge. There was some curling in the FO (as a mostly-stockinette stitch pattern, that’s expected).