FO Friday: Goodale Firewood


And then a miracle occurred … I finished a sweater, for me! Of course it’s only just barely a sweater, with no sleeves, an open front, and a cropped length.  But, still, a sweater!


Project: Goodale Firewood

Pattern: Goodale

Designer: Cecily Glowik MacDonald

Available: $5 on Ravelry

Yarn: Tosh Pashmina in Firewood

Oh my goodness, have you ever touched Tosh Pashmina? mmmmhmmmmm. It’s just that good.  My size (45.25″) used just a smidge over two skeins — so not quite as insane as making a whole sweater out of this heavenly, but oh-so-dear, substance. Goodale was designed for Tosh Pashmina, and it worked up beautifully in this simple-but-elegant pattern.

I don’t usually make things with raglan shaping, because that shape hangs funny on me.  But, I figured the open front and lack of sleeves would be forgiving, and I was (happily) correct.  I absolutely love the clever little pockets, created by folding the fronts back and tacking them in place.  The whole front has an i-cord edge, so there’s very little finishing to be done. (Even so, I stalled out for a bit with only the neck edge and sleeve ribbing left to go!)

I wore this cardi to the Fiber Fest with a shawl pin at the neck, but I went ahead and put on buttons that night — I love the little i-cord closure.  I was tempted to make the cardi a bit longer … but I think I would have ruined the proportions.  As it is, I’m glad to have 90% of a skein of Tosh Pashmina to play with.


Did I mention the adorable pockets?


I remain in awe of Madelinetosh’s gorgeous colorways.




Cast On Monday: Firewood Goodale

I was going to cast on for a hat last week. Really! I wound my Tosh Light (in William Morris)…


… then I put it in a bag with the right size needle and my copy of Weekend Hats …

… and then I waited for the right moment to cast on.

But, instead … I bought new yarn at the Hub Mills Store when I worked on Friday.  Pashmina in Firewood

The photo does not really do it justice.  This on one of those layers-upon-layers colorways — rainbows under water, oil in a jar, gorgeous beyond reckoning! I’m making myself a Goodale  cardigan with it.  I’ve already got about two inches done.  It is so soft and pretty!  The William Morris hat will have to wait a bit longer.