FO Friday: Lutine Mustang

I made a hat!

Project: Lutine Mustang

Pattern: Lutine Cap

Designer: Alex Tinsley

Available: $5.50 on Ravelry

Yarn: STR Lightweight (held double) in “Mustang Sally”

This was a quick and fun “instant gratification” knit! I give it “best use of bobbles that don’t look like nipples,” among other high prizes.  I love the way the garter stitch brim frames the face AND covers my ears

Cast-On Monday: Sparkly Purple Ava Hat, Wild Mare

This week I started (and finished) a quick-knit hat in a new Classic Elite yarn, Ava. It’s sparkly!  The sparkles match the colorways!  Purple rules!  Here is my version of Bastille.



I also cast on for a new Sivia Harding cowl, Wild Iris. I’m using a skein of Tosh Light in Mare that I’ve had stashed for some time now.


New Pattern Release: Trinette Hat and Mittens

Introducing my latest pattern: the Trinette Hat and Mitten set!

(Photos from Classic Elite!)


Pattern: Trinette Hat and Trinette Mittens

DesignerRachel Henry (that’s me!)

Available: $6 on Ravelry, or as part of the booklet #9245 “Belle” (from Classic Elite Yarns)

Yarn: CEY Liberty Wool; MC: 7815 “Bright Olive”; CC 7865 “Violet Glen”

  • Hat only: 2 balls MC, 1 ball CC
  • Mittens only: 2 balls MC, 1 ball CC
  • Hat & Mittens: 3 balls MC, 2 balls CC

Design/Skills Needed:

This vibrant hat use a variety of different techniques to create playful color changes and textures.


FO Friday: William Morris Hat


Project: William Morris Mojitos

Pattern: riffing on Rubbish Mojitos

Designer: Woolly Wormhead

Available: £3.00 GBP on Ravelry

Yarn: Tosh Light in “William Morris”

Some time ago, this skein of yarn followed me home:



It tried to be a lot of things, but nothing worked.  Eventually, I riffed on a pattern by Woolly Wormhead and made a hat … it’s not a perfect hat, but it’s warm and soft, and perfectly serviceable :).


FO Friday: Mosaic Bucket Hat


Project: Mosaic Bucket

Pattern: A Better Bucket

Designer: Amy Swenson

Available: FREE! on Ravelry

Yarn: my handspun from Falkland Wool Handpainted Roving by Edgewood Garden Studio

This hat is made from my very own handspun.  I was aiming for singles that could be plied into worsted on the hi speed whorl (16:1), and plied at 14.1. The colorful yarn needed something plain to be … this bucket hat is PERFECT.  It has a turned-hem brim that helps the brim stand out.  It is the tiniest bit too deep for my head, so I’ve been wearing it with the brim flipped up on one side and pinned in place with my favorite shawl pin.



The Roving:


The Yarn:


FO Friday: Sugarbunny Cloche Divined

Seriously people … I think I have a new most-favorite hat ever:


Project: Sugarbunny Cloche Divined

Pattern: Cloche Divine

Designer: Meghan Jones

Available: FREE! on Ravelry

Yarn: Knit Picks Sugarbunny in Hawk

Some time back in 2011, I made mittens for a friend.  In payment, she bought some yarn from my KP wish list: two balls of the limited-edition “Sugarbunny” merino/angora blend.  Recently I got a PM on Ravelry asking if I’d sell a ball to someone looking to finish a sweater … I couldn’t do that without making a hat first, because I knew the hat would take one full ball and a bit of the second.  Ergo: hat!


This was a remarkably quick knit. I cast on Dec 15th, and finished Dec 17th.  The pattern has the entire hat knit flat and seamed, but I elected to knit in the round after the brim was complete.  There were a few things that seemed overly fiddly to me — I saw no need to cut the main yarn while putting on the “tab” that “gathers” the short rows, for example — but that is a minor quibble with an otherwise excellent (and FREE!) pattern.  The gathers are made with short row-shaping and then knitting the layers together to hold them in place. I made a size L (for my extra-big head) but began crown shaping at 7 inches (otherwise it would have been far to L, even for my extra-big head).



Cast-On Monday: a last-minute hat, and another design project

This week I cast on for the sweater design I sold to CEY.  It’s worked in the round, and I knit for about 2 inches before realizing that I’d put a full twist in by accident. Sigh. Rip. I’m back to where I was, and further … just wish I hadn’t wasted all that time.

I also cast on for a hat — the Cloche Divine, with Sugarbunny.  Someone contacted me on Ravelry asking to buy the yarn, but I really wanted to make this hat from it.  I offered to sell her the leftovers … but to do that I had to actually make the hat!  It’s going super fast — I finished all the short-row gathers for the “bow” last night, and I’m about 2 inches from the crown decreases.