FO Friday: Sheep Head Hat

I’m so pleased with my Sheep Head Hat! ūüôā


I used CEY’s soft and lovely Vail, which is an alpaca/bamboo blend, available is eight naturally-dyed shades of grey and brown. ¬†When I bought the yarn for this project, only six shades were out — the other two were added with this fall’s line of new colors.


Project: Sheep Head Hat

Pattern: sheep heid

Designer: Kate Davies

Available: £2.75 GBP on Ravelry

Yarn:¬†Classic Elite Yarn’s Moutaintop Vail, six hues

The original pattern called for nine natural sheep colors, so I had to modify my hat to use the six shades I had to work with.  I lost a bit of the dynamics of the original hat, but I still love my version.  The alpaca-bamboo fingering weight yarn is amazingly soft and lightweight.  The standing sheep in the hat body are adorable, but I love the graphic rams-head decreases on the top. UPDATE: my hat was featured in the CEY blog!



Cast-On Monday: Sheep Head Hat, Yoga Socks, and two design projects

What with all the ornament-making in December, I didn’t cast on for much else. ¬†Two things I can’t really talk about yet — both are design projects, and both use heavily-modified stitch patterns from Reversible Knitting, but other than that I can’t really tell you much right now.

The projects I can¬†tell you about are fun though! ¬†One is a hat for me, using the super-soft Vail I’ve been eyeing since it first landed in the Hub Mills Store. ¬†It seemed just perfect for the Sheep Heid Hat (by Kate Davies). ¬†Never mind that Vail comes in only six hues, and the hat calls for nine. ¬†Or that the fiber is totally different. ¬†We shall see how this turns out … there will be much adjusting of the color chart to make it all work, but with a little luck and¬†perseverance, I hope to have a Sheep Head Hat of my very own. Isn’t Vail pretty??

I also started a pair of socks for my Mother-in-Law. ¬†She asked my husband if it was too late to use the “knit4Uxme” gift card I gave her for Christmas 2010, and he assured her I would be delighted to knit for her! Of course, he was right. ¬†I had been a little worried that it was too weird of a gift, but now I can just be happy to give her the socks she wants. ¬†I showed her some of my sock yarn stash, and she chose a purple self-striping bamboo/wool/nylon blend. ¬†I settled on making Monkey Socks (by Cookie A.), but I’m calling them Yoga Socks because that is the setting they will be worn in. ¬†My MIL told me how the other ladies in her yoga class all have fun, colorful socks to keep warm … I’m hoping that hers will really set them talking! ¬†I actually finished these late last night, grafting the toes at an impromptu craft party at a friend’s house. I’ll show off the FO photos on Friday, but for now here’s the pretty-pretty yarn.