FO Friday: Hand-spinning Edition

Today’s FO Friday is brought to by Ladybug and Knittink.

I bought this braid at the Fiber Fest:


(Sorry about the glow-in-the-dark look — I can’t seem to get my camera to consistently play nice with bright red/orange hues these days.)

After a bit of practice with some white wool — about 40 yards worth — I took the plunge with my fancy fiber-fest roving and my brand-new spinning wheel. I decided to go for a 2-ply worsted finished yarn. I spun on the faster groove of the “fast” whorl (not the high-speed extra one I bought for lace), and plied on the slower groove of the “fast” whorl. I divided the roving in half lengthwise, so I would have about the same amount on each of the two bobbins, and got to work.

About four hours later, I had this! Plying especially was SO much easier on the wheel, compared to the spindle.




My orange-loving youngest son already laid claim to this yarn, because I owe him a pair of fingered fingerless mitts.