New Pattern Release: Trinette Hat and Mittens

Introducing my latest pattern: the Trinette Hat and Mitten set!

(Photos from Classic Elite!)


Pattern: Trinette Hat and Trinette Mittens

DesignerRachel Henry (that’s me!)

Available: $6 on Ravelry, or as part of the booklet #9245 “Belle” (from Classic Elite Yarns)

Yarn: CEY Liberty Wool; MC: 7815 “Bright Olive”; CC 7865 “Violet Glen”

  • Hat only: 2 balls MC, 1 ball CC
  • Mittens only: 2 balls MC, 1 ball CC
  • Hat & Mittens: 3 balls MC, 2 balls CC

Design/Skills Needed:

This vibrant hat use a variety of different techniques to create playful color changes and textures.



FO Friday: Inspira Libertia Woola

Here’s a bandwagon I’m glad I hopped on:


Project: Inspira Libertia Woola

Pattern: Inspira Cowl (“steampunk” variant)

Designer: celerstalk

Available: FREE! on Ravelry

Yarn: CEY Liberty Wool Print in Rainforest (MC) and Berry Brambles (CC)

It seems like everyone is making one of these, these days — and Liberty Wool is just such a perfect yarn for this simple-yet-colorful project! I’m a loose knitter, so I went down a needle size … I think I could have gone down one more, and still come out great.  The finished fabric on my cowl is soft and drapey — I’ve seen others that were much more corrugated and stand-up-on-there-own-ish.

Each time the ribs swapped places, I knit the whole round — to avoid funny purl-bump color changes.  I also stopped 12 rows early, most because I was running out of yarn … but it was also quite big enough.  This project was a joy to knit.