CO Monday: a Plethora of Interim Projects

I’m done with my project for Challenge #2 of The Fiber Factor!  I still have to film the video for judging, and mail the sweater off … but for all practical purposes I’m done.  So, time to catch up on some neglected projects, right??  Wrong.  Time to cast on three new projects, yay!

For what it’s worth, I also pared down my Ravelry queue and went through my stash and put a LOT of things up for sale — see something you like? PM me on Ravelry!

Here are my new projects, in order of casting on.  (I cast on TWO after midnight, the night I finished my FF project.)

#1 — My very own Oswin, using A Hundred Ravens Alfar. Oswin is a crochet project. No, really!


#2 — I’m using Malabrigo Mecha in Arapey to make Hester’s Hope, a shawl from the latest “What Would Madame DeFarge Knit?” book.


#3 — After a false start with a too-colorful yarn, I settled on The Fibre Company’s Road to China Light in Malachite for Sivia Harding’s new cowl pattern, Lorelei.



FO Friday: Raspberry Wristers


Project: Raspberry Wristers

Pattern: Garter Cable Wristlets

Designer: Amy Loberg

Available: FREE! from Classic Elite’s Web-Letter 

Yarn: CEY Fresco in #5332 (Plum)

I saw this pattern go by in a web-letter, and knew I had to make them. Any excuse to work with Fresco! So soft and dreamy :).  I have big peasant hands, so I ended up needing five repeats of the pattern (instead of just four).  I was afraid I’d run out of yarn, but I had just barely enough.  I’ve worn them frequently, and they are stashed in my purse for chilly rooms.


FO Friday: Red Devonian


Project: Red Devonian

Pattern: Devonian

Designer: Laura Kanemori

Available: $6 on Ravelry, or $16 for “The Sock Report vol 1” (16 total patterns)

Yarn: Malabrigo Sock in “Tiziano Red”


I’m making 5 pairs of socks for my mom, of which this is the first finished pair.  She chose the yarn to match outfits she already has, and I’m choosing the patterns. I have had Devonian in my queue for a while — so pretty! It suits a tonal colorway perfectly. I did change the “start of round” in the leg so that the holes would be paired (instead of offset by a round) and the sk2p would take place at the beginning of the round (instead of spread over two rounds). Also, I used a sewn bind off instead of Jenny’s etc. Other that that — these are exactly as written.


FO Friday: Salute Hat

My friend up in Canada asked me if I’d make her a hat to go with the mittens I sent her for Christmas. She really liked my first Salute Hat (made in gorgeous olive Malabrigo Worsted, yum):

0972 Salute Hat (finished)

I offered her my famous “friends and family” knitting deal: if she bought the yarn, I’d make the hat. She chose the lovely “Nostalgia” colorway in Malabrigo Worsted:

1348 Nostalgia Malabrigo Worsted 1349 Nostalgia Malabrigo Worsted

I’m pleased to say the hat knit up very quickly:

1355 Nostalgic Salute Hat

Pattern: Salute Hat

Designer: Kate Oates of Tot Toppers (if you ever need a cute hat, check here first!)

Available: for $6 on Ravelry or directly from Tot Toppers

Yarn: Malabrigo Merino Worsted in Nostalgia (623), purchased from Webs for $12

1358 Nostalgic Salute Hat


Having made this hat once already, I had some things I wanted to alter.  My Canadian friend and I both have big heads, which meant the original brim looked a bit funny on us.  Both hats are modeled by my 8-year-old son, and you can see the smaller brim looks right on him, while the larger brim looks a bit silly.  You’ll have to trust that the bigger brim looks right on my big old head.  To make a larger brim, I picked up stitches starting right at the front/back band seam, and I made it broader by about four rows.  This of course meant that I had to change the size and shape of the heavy-weight interfacing that goes inside the brim to help it hold it’s shape, but that truly wasn’t that difficult.  In fact, I decided to rip out the original olive brim, and now MY hat also has a brim that matches my head size.

I also had some trouble with the back band rolling under.  This is not too surprising, considering that it’s just plain stockinette with a slip-stitch edge.  For my friend’s hat, I made the back brim twice as wide with a slipped stitch in the center.  Then as a final step in making up, I folded it in half and tacked it in place with whip-stitch.  This doubled-up back band doesn’t roll at all, plus it’s twice as cozy over the ears.  It also makes the hat a bit more substantial — my olive hat is noticeably floppy in comparison.