FO Friday: Firebird Rhea Silvia

I finished, finally! ūüôā I give you … a very BRIGHTLY colored cowl/wrap:


Project: Firebird Rhea Silvia

Pattern: Rhea Silvia

Designer: Sara Morris

Available: $6 on Ravelry

Yarn:¬†A¬†Hundred Ravens Iachos in “Midst Her Fires”


Two skeins of Iachos ends up being not¬†quite enough yarn for a Rhea Silvia. ¬†If I’d read the pattern thoroughly, I would have know this. Instead, I got caught off guard … fortunately, I was able to bind off a row or three early on both edges, and it still looks pretty good. ¬†Even with blocking, I’m finding the border flares more than I like. ¬†If I make another Rhea Silvia, I’ll probably decrease more when transitioning from the cabled body to the border in order to limit/eliminate this flare.

That said, I’m delighted with the end product! Kate’s yarn shines (glows, even!) in this pattern. The striping and pooling of hand-dyed yarn can be SO much fun! ¬†I’ve been wearing it doubled-up (see below) and getting lots of compliments.