Cast-On Monday: Rodekool de Kool

I was really, really good this week, and only cast on one new project! 🙂

For a while I’ve had Rodekool in my queue — it’s so interesting-looking, plus I’ve always wanted to try a pattern using brioche stitch.  I visited a new-to-me LYS last week on a field trip with my knitting group, and I picked up the ball of Mini Mochi I needed to make this pattern.


Lately when I go yarn shopping, I troll through my queue ahead of time, and choose a project in each weight of yarn that I’m likely to buy. That way if I see some yarn I love while at the LYS, I know how much to get.  It prevents some “oh pretty” purchases, and means I do eventually get yarn for at least some of the patterns I’ve queued. On this trip, I also picked up Mirasol Nuna for a Greenery Beret — yum!  I did not find the right lace-weight for My Heaven, alas.

I cast on for my very own Rodekool on Wednesday, and the first few rows took every single ounce of my concentration.  I have not be so challenged by a pattern in a long time!  I think perhaps my first go at brioche need not have been combined with lace … but I did master the pattern, and by the third or fourth time through the lace brioche pattern repeat, I understood the underlying logic of the stitches and was motoring right along.  I’m enjoying the knit, and the developing scarflet is gorgeous.