FO Friday: Bazinga Bag and Eros Necklace

I’m playing finished-object catchup this week with two sample knits for Plymouth Yarns: a bag, and a necklace.

1309 Bazinga Bag

Project: Bazinga Sample Knit

Pattern: Bazinga Bag

Designer: Plymouth Yarn Design Stuido

Available: ask your LYS

Yarn: Bazinga

The body, gusset, and handles of this bag are all in linen stitch.  This helps even out the extreme fat-and-thin nature of Bazinga.  The giant flower was … interesting. I had a devil of a time getting it to lay down and behave, then sew it in place.  The handles are doubled and whip-stitched together, as are the seams between the body panels and the gussets.



Project: Eros Necklace

Pattern: Necklace

Designer: Plymouth Yarn Design Stuido

Available: ask your LYS

Yarn: Eros II


This piece was uncooperative, but eventually I nailed it down! Eros II is a novelty yarn, with colored metallic squares suspended in a skinny “ladder” of black yarn. This pattern called for the yarn (and I use that word loosely!) to be held double.  Lots of short rows of increasing length creating the gradually larger ruffle.  I’m not sure I would wear it … but it’s a sample, so once I finish and mail it off, it’s out of my hands.

1360 Eros yarn