FO Friday: Bazinga Bag and Eros Necklace

I’m playing finished-object catchup this week with two sample knits for Plymouth Yarns: a bag, and a necklace.

1309 Bazinga Bag

Project: Bazinga Sample Knit

Pattern: Bazinga Bag

Designer: Plymouth Yarn Design Stuido

Available: ask your LYS

Yarn: Bazinga

The body, gusset, and handles of this bag are all in linen stitch.  This helps even out the extreme fat-and-thin nature of Bazinga.  The giant flower was … interesting. I had a devil of a time getting it to lay down and behave, then sew it in place.  The handles are doubled and whip-stitched together, as are the seams between the body panels and the gussets.



Project: Eros Necklace

Pattern: Necklace

Designer: Plymouth Yarn Design Stuido

Available: ask your LYS

Yarn: Eros II


This piece was uncooperative, but eventually I nailed it down! Eros II is a novelty yarn, with colored metallic squares suspended in a skinny “ladder” of black yarn. This pattern called for the yarn (and I use that word loosely!) to be held double.  Lots of short rows of increasing length creating the gradually larger ruffle.  I’m not sure I would wear it … but it’s a sample, so once I finish and mail it off, it’s out of my hands.

1360 Eros yarn


FO Friday: Zino Square Lace Shawl

1119 Zino

This week I’m featuring another of my pattern sample projects for Plymouth Yarns: a square lace shawl made from Zino, a long-repeat color-changing yarn. The shawl is worked in the round from the center out, with a cool open/solid lace pattern that really suits the yarn. I especially like the border, which shows the long color repeats well.  (My quickie photo (below) is shown before blocking.)

1196 lace for Plymouth Yarns (unblocked)

Project: Zino Lace Sample Knit

Pattern: Square Lace Shawl

Designer: Plymouth Yarn Design Stuido

Available: ask your LYS

Yarn: Zino

Lo, the gorgeous blocked shawl:


This was by far the largest sample I’d knit for PY — it took a lot longer than a pair of armwarmers or a little vest. It was also more complex–this was the project where I really learned how to work with the designer at PY, because I ran into problems/questions and we went back and forth a couple times before we settled on the right solution.  Ultimately it’s her design, so naturally I want to serve that … but my job is to make sure the pattern adheres to her vision as I knit, so when I find things that don’t work, I stop and ask for direction. Sometimes, I even have something useful to contribute.

FO Friday: Happy Feet DK Child’s Sweater

This week I’m featuring another of my pattern sample projects for Plymouth Yarns: a child’s sweater made from DK-weight sock yarn.  The professional model is an adorable blond girl … but of course before I sent it out I had to take a home-photo on my slightly-too-large youngest boy — he was cooperative, if slightly silly.  Please ignore his desperate need for a haircut!

Project: Happy Feet Sample Knit

Pattern: Cabled Sweater

Designer: Plymouth Yarn Design Stuido

Available: ask your LYS

Yarn: Happy Feet DK (color 61)

This was a fast & easy project — basic shaping and making-up, and the all-over cabled rib pattern looks great and is fun to knit. I’m a huge fan of Happy Feet DK, but you MUST wash & block a swatch with this yarn — it opens up and softens considerably with washing.  Before washing and blocking the sweater, the fabric was tight and hard — almost crunchy.  After washing and blocking, it was soft and had a nice give, lovely to touch.

FO Friday: Vita Vest

Last fall I started something new-to-me: sample knitting for another designer.  Since then I’ve completed perhaps half a dozen projects for a staff designer at Plymouth Yarns.  I really enjoy the challenge of knitting from a new pattern and working on a time table, even though sometimes the deadlines can be a little stressful. Working closely with an experienced knitwear designer has been educational and fun too. Best of all, this is paid work — the rate varies depending on the complexity of the pattern, but it is enough to make it worth my time.

The hard part, like anything associated with designing, is waiting to talk about it! Today I can share photos of my 2nd project with Plymouth: the Vita Vest.

Project: Vita Vest

Pattern: Vest 2045

Designer: Plymouth Yarn Design Stuido

Available: ask your LYS

Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Vita (color 751)

This was a cute little project — a simple pieced vest with all-over moss stitch.  I liked the interesting shape as the hem curved up to mean the V-neck at a single button.  The Vita yarn was a pleasure to work with: soft and drapey.

1064 vita vest (complete)