Test knitters needed for “Mind the Gap” cowl

Anyone up for a quick test knit?  Check out this “in progress” photo of Mind the Gap:


(The prototype is blocking as we speak, getting ready for it’s big photo shoot.)

I’m running the test knit in the Remily Knits forum on Ravelry.  Go there for more information and to  sign up!


Test Knitters Needed: Marilla’s Very Practical Shawl

I just finished the sample for a pattern for Knit Picks IDP worked in their GORGEOUS Swish Tonal (Blue Violet colorway).  I need a few intrepid test knitters to help me ferret out any errors or confusing bits.  If you’re up for the task, send me a message!

Marilla’s Very Practical Shawl

2644 Marilla shawl 2639 Marilla shawl

Design details: The shawl begins with the bottom edging, worked from right tip to left tip, with a short-row corner halfway through.  Stitches are picked up along this bottom edge, leaving 8 repeats at both tips to form the ties.  The body is worked from the bottom edge, with decreases to form the spine and top edge. After the body is completed, the neck edging is worked from right tip to left tip and joined to the body as you go.

Craft(s): knitting
Number of Testers: 2 for charts, 2 for written directions
Approximate Hours to Complete: 30
Deadline: August 26th, 2011
Tools needed: #8 needles, tapestry needle
Material needed: 1100 yards of worsted-weight yarn
Pattern Difficulty: middling — skills needed include basic lace work, picking up stitches, short rows, and joining a lace edging to the body as you go
Formats Available: PDF
Pattern Style: full written directions, charts for some portions

Testing needs: Error checking for charts and written pattern; clarity of directions for construction; confirmation of yardage requirements.

Test Knitters Needed: Drop Everything and Kudzu

I’m working on two projects for Classic Elite.  Both will eventually be FREE! to the world via CEY’s daily web-letter. Right now I’m working on the samples, and they are looking good.  I also need a few intrepid test knitters to help me eliminate any errors and clarifying confusing bits.

Dear reader, this is where you come in! One of the projects is quick-and-easy; the other is more involved-and-complex.  If you have time over the next 2-3 weeks to test knit a pattern, please let me know.  I’ll email you a test version of the pattern, you supply the yarn and mad knitting skillz.  You get to keep your finished object, and earn my undying gratitude ;).

Drop Everything Scarf

Quick and fun drop-stitch scarf, using ribbon-style bulky yarn.

image_25_1_2011(rev 1)

1369 Drop Everything swatch

Flavor text:
Ribbon yarns shine in drop-stitch projects. Katydid’s exceptional softness and drape make this straight-forward drop-stitch scarf something special, and just the thing to accessorize in springtime.

The pattern alternates between large sections of horizontal drop stitches between rows of garter stitch and vertical drop stitches between columns of stockinette.

The easy pattern repeat and big needles means it works up quickly. This project should appeal to experienced knitters and beginners alike.

Sizes: 6″ wide, 5 feet long
Approximate Hours to Complete: 6
Deadline: March 15
Tools needed: US#10 needles (6.0 mm)
Material needed: appx 250 yards of aran yarn, ideally a ribbon-style yarn
Pattern Difficulty: Easy
Pattern Style: written
Testing needs: Check for errors, test for ease of understanding drop-stitch directions

Kudzu Shawlette

This is a leafy lace shawlette, with a pattern that flows from one motif to the next. Intermediate-to-advanced level lace: stitch count varies row to row, and knitter must understand & execute sk2p vs. s2kp correctly.

image_25_1_2011-1(rev 1)

1373 Kudzu swatch

Flavor text:
In the southern US Kudzu flows over the land like waves caught in time. I tried to capture the impression of motion in this shawlette. The twisted rib grows leaves that expand to cover a lattice.

This lacy shawlette can be worn over the shoulders with a fancy accent button or shawl pin to hold it in place. It can also be wrapped twice around the neck for a more casual look.

Directions are be provided in both chart and written format.

Sizes: appx 10″ deep and 50″ long
Approximate Hours to Complete: 25-30
Deadline: March 22
Tools needed: US#6 needles (4.0 mm)
Material needed: appx 750 yards of sport or DK yarn, button (if desired)
Pattern Difficulty: Experienced
Pattern Style: fully charted and written
Testing needs: Check for errors, especially in the written directions.