FO Friday: Wicked Abstract

I finished this a while ago, yet all I can say when I think of it is, “oh, cashmere!”


Project: Wicked Abstract

Pattern: Abstract

Designer: Tonia Barry

Available: $6 download from CEY’s website

Yarn: CEY Wicked

Abstract is a shawlette worked tip-to-tip, punctuated by cable rows.  After the body is finished, the ruffle is picked up from the long curved edge and worked in the same cable pattern.  I thought it was the perfect vehicle for my windfall cashmere. Let me tell you, cashmere is amazing to knit with, an experience bested only by wearing the FO around your neck!  I used up every single last bit (well, almost).  I try steam-blocking the ruffle, but it didn’t really set — I’m actually happy with the curl, so I may never block it properly.  (Don’t tell the knitting police!)
IMG_3018(rev 1)