FO Friday: Sunsuit for Gwen

This Friday’s finished object is a baby gift!  I didn’t finish before Gwen was born, but I did finish before the heat hit.


Project: Sunsuit for Gwen

Pattern: Susan’s Sunsuit

Designer: Rachel Henry

Available: someday, in Fresh Designs KIDS

Yarn: Eden Cottage Yarns tempo 4ply

What more can I say about this pattern?  It’s become my go-to baby gift for friends expecting girls.  The prototype went to the eponymous Susan, and I made one for Lillian too.  Let’s not forget the sample for Fresh Designs!   This one is purple, like the sample, but using different yarn.



FO Friday: Early Grey Lattice


Project: Early Grey Lattice

Pattern: Lattice

Designer: Rose Beck

Available: $5 as a single pattern, or $13 for the 4-pattern collection

Yarn: madelinetosh Tosh DK in “Earl Grey”

Love the yarn, love the project.  I did extra repeats of the lower border to use up as much yarn as possible. I found both stitch patterns intuitive and fun.  My only complaint is that the garter stitch lower edge seems to flare a bit on my shawl … maybe more strenuous blocking is in order?


FO Friday: Foxglove Cloche

Sometimes a knitter needs an instant-gratification kind of project …


Project: Foxglove Cloche

Pattern: Lea Cloche

Designer: Cecily Glowik MacDonald

Available: in Weekend Hats

Yarn: Madelinetosh Tosh DK in Foxglove


The hat begins from a circular cast-on at the crown. Increases go along the four purl “seams.” I ended up adding one additional round of increases, because my head is big and my gauge was a tiny bit tight. Other than that, I knit as written! I tried to add some length to the brim, but it curled terribly.  I had to rip out my modified brim and go back to the as-written one — which, you can see, worked perfectly.


I’m very pleased with my ribbon and button! Both found at Jo-Anns.


Cast-on Monday: Foxglove Cloche and Poodle for Hire

My Monday knitting group took a field trip to Another Yarn in Winchester, MA.  They had some of the new Madelinetosh colors, and I found that Foxglove (in Tosh DK) just had to come home with me.


I’ve already turned it into this adorable hat — which still needs a ribbon and a button to be finished:


I also (finally) cast on for the poodle I owe to the winner of the Jasper raffle — I made a leg, then frogged it, because it was HUGE. I ended up un-plying the Pipsqueak I’m using into three individual plies, and using just one ply to made the leg again. It worked, I’m happy with the results: “just” three more legs, two sides of the body, the head, and the tail to go. 🙂



FO Friday: Evergreen Beanie


Project: Evergreen Beanie

Pattern: Everdeen Beanie

Designer: Tanis Gray

Available: in Weekend Hats

Yarn: Madelinetosh Tosh DK in Jade

Oh how I love this yarn! Oh how I love this pattern! It really is a match made in heaven.  Tosh DK is squishy and wonderful in every possible way, and the non-pooling variegated greens never cease to amaze.  The pattern evokes fish scales or waves, or (if you’re a truly mad knitter) you might think of the famous Pomatomus socks by Cookie A (I’ve made two pair, so I know a bit of what I speak).  The body of the hat is essentially 1×1 twisted rib, with increases and decreases that make the rib swoop around so attractively.  It also makes for an elastic, bouncy, warm hat — love it!

In the spirit of matchy-matchy, I opted to do the brim in 1×1 twisted-knit rib (rather than the 2×2 plain rib called for in the pattern), so that the rib would flow directly into the main body pattern. I also changed the first round — I did a regular k2tog (in lieu of a k2togtbl) on round 1, every repeat of the pattern.  To my eye, this allowed the waves to flow into each other more smoothly.