FO Friday: Monster Bum Baby Longies

Every Friday I will feature one of my own finished objects. This year I joined the group “52 Projects in 52 Weeks” on Ravelry, and I’ve found it’s a great way to get motivated to finish up languishing projects.  These monster pants weren’t exactly UFO’s, but I’d stalled out on the legs a couple of weeks ago.  This week I bumped them to the top of my knitting priority pile, and soon enough I finished them, lickety split.

1319 Monster Bum Longies

Pattern: Grumpybum Monster Longies

Designer: Wandering Lady

Available: FREE! at thewanderinglady (also available in the original Norwegian)

Yarn: Knit Picks Swish DK in Eggplant, Beach Glass, Tidepool, Hollyberry, Black, and White

1320 Monster Bum Longies

I found the pattern easy to use and follow. I made a few modifications, include a hemmed top edge. (I put in elastic, in lieu of an i-cord tie.) Instead of using duplicate stitch (as described in the pattern), I knit the eyes and fangs directly on the pants, using skills I’ve learned from making amigurumi. For each eye I picked up about 34 stitches, purled one round, decreased to 28, decreased to 21, switched to green, knit one round even, decreased to 14, switched to black, knit one round even, decreased to 7, pulled yarn through rem sts.  For the fangs I picked up 5 stitches and made icord, decreasing on the inside edge every other round.

These pants are for my friend’s little girl, and I simply cannot wait to pop them on her and watch her monster bum toddle around the room.

1321 Monster Bum Longies

1323 Monster Bum Longies (elastic waistband)


28 thoughts on “FO Friday: Monster Bum Baby Longies

  1. Hello! Love the pants! 🙂 I’m going to be making my little girl a pair and like the idea of the elastic. I have questions though, did you do stockinette stitch at the top and then fold it over and sew it? Did you bother with the yo part of the pattern used to put the i-cord through? How long did you do the rib? Thanks so much in advance!!!

    1. It’s been a while since I did this project, but if I recall correctly I did a turned hem, something like this:

      • CO provisionally
      • work 6 rows of stockinette (working flat, not in the round)
      • join for work in the round, knit one round, purl one round (the purl round is where you will turn the hem)
      • begin working ribbing pattern — rib 6 rounds
      • place provisionally-CO stitches on a spare needle (same size or smaller)
      • join ribbing to prov sts by working one round where you either k2tog or p2tog (following ribbing pattern) with 1 st from the ribbing and 1 st from the prov CO
      • the elastic casing has been formed — rib as long as you like from there (I think I did 8-9 more rounds)

      1323 Monster Bum Longies (elastic waistband)

      1. Thanks so much for taking the time to explain that to me!! 🙂 Because there were some new concepts for me – on top of the already existing new concepts – I decided to go the drawstring route for my first pair, but will give your way a go for the second, as I prefer the elastic. At the moment though, I’m totally confused and stuck at the dividing of the legs!! Thanks again!

  2. I have zero knitting skills, but am totally in love with these pants. I did a quick search on Etsy for similar pants, but none are quite the quality of this pair. Would you be willing to knit another pair? Hmmmm? 😀

    1. I have done some knitting-for-pay, both for yarn companies and for individuals. For something like this, with shaping, colorwork, and embroidery, I would charge $0.25 per yard, plus cost of yarn, and of course shipping. This project requires 6 balls of KnitPicks Swish DK (or similar) — two of the main color, plus four accent colors — about $27. The project uses about 400 yards of yarn (in this size), which comes to around $100 for the labor. Shipping will be less than $5 … I could do this size for you for $130 altogether. If you’re still interested, we can talk … but of course I understand if this is a lot more than you were expecting!

  3. My sister saw your pant in Internet last year and she has been in love with it since that. Now she is waiting a baby girl and she wants the monster pant!
    I’ve showed many other but she wants these eyes, not teeth but these fangs.
    So I wish if you can help me.
    How did you do fangs?
    About the eyes: The butt in one piece (the eyes aren’t knitted) and then the stitches are picked in order to knit the eyes?
    What kind of decrease is used to do the eyes? k2tog or ssk
    Thank you very much for your attention, I really appreciate you help.

    1. The fangs:

      I picked up several stitches at the lip edge, worked the fang as icord, and then decreased one k2tog each round until there was only one stitch left. Pulled through the tail and tacked it down with the tail.

      The eyes:

      You are correct — I made them after the fact. I could have made them separately and sewn them on (which you may prefer), but in this case I picked up stitches and worked directly on the pants. It doesn’t really matter which decrease you use (just be consistent).

      I think your sister will love your pants! 🙂

  4. These are so awesome! Just found out we’re having a second boy, I think I want to make matching pairs of these! Did you need more than one skein of any of the colors? Looks like maybe just the main color if any?

  5. Hi. My name is Debbie. I want to make the purple monster pants and change the colours but can’t get the pattern. Any help in where I can get them

  6. Absolutely love these pants, the colors you have picked out are perfect. I love the fact that you put an elastic in them and also did the eyes & fangs differently. They are the best ones I have seen on the web. Making them now, when finished I will put them in my daughters hope chest for her child to be. Thank you so much for your wonderful eye for color combinations.

    1. Thanks so much!!

      The pants in question have long since disintegrated … they were well-loved, and the toddler is 5 and a half :). I’m sure your daughter (and the child-to-be) will love what you make for them!

  7. Love these pants! Did you alter the pattern at the crotch. It looks much cleaner. If so can you tell me how you knit after the mouth and before the legs start?

  8. I have made these pants but did not center correctly for the crotch my pattern I CO 96 sts. but when I did for the crotch it ended up being on the side for the leg. Could anyone please help with this? Thanks

    1. Try asking on Ravelry … lots of people have made these pants :). Be ready with some good photos of the problem area, and I’m sure someone will be able to help.

  9. Can you tell me how long the legs are from the crotch? I’m making the smallest size but don’t know how long to make the legs and the pattern isn’t clear.

  10. I have made the body part of pants and now ready to start the row which I have to increase stitches for the crotch but am really lost as to do the crotch and how do I do each leg?

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