52 in 52: Project Roundup for 2010 – 2011

Last year at about this time, I joined a group on Ravelry called “52 Projects in 52 Weeks.”  The group description runs thusly:

The goal is to start (and finish!) 52 projects in 52 weeks. You can knit, crochet, spin or dye. Mix and match, it’s your choice. The goal of the group is to hone skills, expand horizons and destash.

0174 completed Mandala IIThere are some guidelines given, but the group is open-minded and allows for a lot of interpretation, personalization, and outright alteration.  For example, I often have more than 4 projects going at once, because that’s what works for me.  I decided that a single thing was a project, no matter how0345 Golden Snitch (frog) large or small. That meant that the bazillion-hour Mandala Shawl only counted as one project, but that the quick-knit Golden Snitch  also counted as one project.  (Other knitters chose to break down large projects into chunks, or count a pair of socks as two projects, or group several small items into a single project.) I also gave myself permission to count projects that I started in the previous year.

First question first: yes, I did finish 52 projects in 52 weeks! In fact, I finished 61 projects between June 1st, 2010 and May 30th, 2011. I also frogged six projects during the year — this was a relatively new behavior for me, because in the past I would force myself to finish projects, even if they weren’t working or making me happy anymore.

0656 complete East-West bagWhich project had the most love over the last year? My East-West Bag won the most favorites of any of my projects over the last year.  It’s complex and dramatic, so that’s not too surprising. I have 0679 cell phone cozymany projects with no favorites at all (including the aforementioned Snitch!), so I will choose one that is a personal favorite of MINE to cheer on: my Touchscreen Cell Phone Cozy, made up as I went along.  I used some lovely left-over yarn from my Socks That Rock club kit, and designed it to fit my new (at the time) Samsung Moment.  I fills that role perfectly, and I love seeing my pretty Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn every day.

I thought it might be interesting to see how projects broke down for the year — who was I knitting for?

Purpose Count %
Me 15 25%
Remily Knits 15 25%
Gift 9 15%
Sample 8 13%
Commission 6 10%
Test Knit 5 8%
Barter 2 3%
Donation 1 2%

Also (potentially) interesting: what kinds of things did I make?

Type Count %
Baby Clothes 7 12%
Mittens/Gloves/Mitts 7 12%
Toy 7 12%
Scarf 6 10%
Socks 6 10%
Cowl 5 8%
Sweater 5 8%
Hat 4 7%
Cozy 3 5%
Shawl 3 5%
Anklets 2 3%
Bag 2 3%
Dog Sweater 2 3%
Earwarmers 1 2%
Necklace 1 2%

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