At a recent knitting get-together, we were all ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the latest Twist Collective. It all started because C was swatching for a sweater from this issue. We were all curious — luckily S had her new i-pad along, which turns out to be just the thing for browsing an online magazine and sharing with friends.  I don’t know how this great online magazine escaped my full attention in the past, but now I’m properly riveted. Here’s my fantasy queue, if money and time were not limiting factors:

#1 — Boundless ($7)

I like this whimsical cape, even though some at knit night pronounced it “impractical” or “cute, but only on a child.”  I have enough friends who dabble in the SCA or Assassin’s Guild or what-not that it is not too strange to wear a hooded cape…. besides, if I made it in Cranberry Gloss HW, how could I go astray?


#2 — Evendim ($7)

I love the asymmetrical collar and bold lace/cable design.  The stockinette body might just do me in … but then again, I’m getting better at plowing through just that sort of thing (ask me how my Ruched Yoke Tee is coming along…).  I would probably go with some lovely new Wool of the Andes Tweed, maybe in Flagstone Heather?  (Have I mentioned yet that I am in LOVE with the WotA Tweed colorways?)

#3 — Hosta ($6)

This one really catches the eye, right?  Right away I’m thinking … that is some cool double knitting or something, I must try it!  I’d likely stick with the recommended yarn, using this as an excuse to try Madeline Tosh Merino DK.  It’s hard to know what colors might be around, but I’d love a ruddy purple and lime green for this one :).


#4 — Twinings ($7)

Yet another gorgeous sweater! This is the one that C was swatching for.  I think I might go for some more Kumara in Thai Purple — I’m using some right now in my Two-Color Cowl, and it is SO soft and lovely.  Perfect for cables, and perfect for wearing right next to the skin.


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