FO Friday: Vermont Juneberry

I finished my Juneberry!



Project: Vermont Juneberry

Pattern: Juneberry Triangle

Designer: Jared Flood

Available: $6.50 on Ravelry

Yarn: The Shearer’s Yarn in Quoddy Blue

IMG_3036(rev 1)

I bought this yarn at a farmstand in Vermont, on my way back from an agility trial.  What I have, is what I have … so I was excited when I calculated yardage, and found I had enough to make a Juneberry — a pattern I’ve had queued for a while now.

You can, therefore, appreciate the depths of my horror when I realized (as I began working the edging) that I had nowhere NEAR enough yarn to finish the pattern as written.  I modified, measured, knit, ripped, and repeated until I had an edging that preserved some flavor of the original, but used the right amount of yarn.  Even so, I finished on fumes — the tiny ball below is all I had left!  Phew.


I’m satisfied with my modded edging … I had to loose the big lacy holes, but I’m ok with my faggoted substitution.  I was able to keep the bobbled swoops, and lost 1 of the 3 lace holes along the outside edge.



I really enjoyed this knit, and will likely make it again, this time with enough yarn on hand to complete the full edging! It’s fun to knit lace with worsted-weight yarn — over and done very quickly.


4 thoughts on “FO Friday: Vermont Juneberry

  1. So I’m on the edge of my knitting seat…was the 480 yards of worsted a pipe dream? It’s so beautiful in that color…great job eeking it out…enjoy your blog very much. Any chance you’ll be at TNNA in Phoenix?
    best, Cyd

    1. By my guestimate … I had 510 yards of the Quoddy Blue Worsted. I had nowhere NEAR enough to finish, and in fact barely limped into port with my mods. It’s possible that my slightly loose gauge ate up the extra yards. A quick survey of completed Juneberrys in worsted reveals that although some were able to finish with under 500 yards … many more ran out. Sigh.

      Thanks for the props — alas, I will not be at TNNA. Wish I could, but Phoenix is oh so far from Boston :).

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