FO Friday: Yggdrasil in Blue

I finished this about a month ago, but I think it slid directly off my needles onto my lap. My Yggrasil lap blanket is so warm and cozy!


Project: Yggrasil in Blue

Pattern: Yggdrasil Afghan

Designer: Lisa Jacobs

Available: FREE! at Interweave Knits

Yarn: Knit Picks  City Tweed HW in Dungarees

You might remember this blanket from my “Finish it or Frog it!” post back in January. I’d already made some progress then, because it was my “neglected project KAL” target for January.  I won’t say it was “easy” to finish, not exactly, but I did eventually get into the rhythm of the border cables.  I do not think I will ever do this pattern again, and although I admire the finished full-size Yggdrasil Afghans out there, I have reason to doubt the sanity of those who accomplish such a gargantuan knitting feat.

The pattern itself is well-written and clear. Plenty of good charts.  I think this might have been my first knitted-on border, back in the day.  I also have a niggling feeling I may have grabbed the wrong size needle when I re-booted this project … the “old” border (right edge, upper right corner) looks a wee bit tighter than the rest.  However, this is invisible when I’m using it, so I am doing my best to let the slight difference go. I am definitely not going back and fixing it, ooooh no.

I continue to love, love, love City Tweed.  What a wonderful soft yarn with gorgeous colors, and it shows cabling so nicely! And it’s so warm and cozy!



14 thoughts on “FO Friday: Yggdrasil in Blue

  1. HI could you please tell me how much yarn you used? the original post says 9 skeins @ 103yds per skein but some one made a comment it really is 22 skeins.

    also when you began the knitted on border where did you start

    thanks for your help

    1. I used 5.5 skeins of City Tweed — about 910 yards total. That jibes with the 9 skeins @ 103 yards pretty well.

      I think the 22 skein number probably refers to the full blanket (which is HUGE) — I just made the smallest one.

  2. Thanks for the skein info….can you tell me where you started to pick the center to join the border?

  3. Its been nearly 2 years since the last comment, hope you see this. I’m currenly working on the Yggdrasil afghan, and I’m stuck. I finished the center square, no problem. Where I’m having such a time of it, is figuring out how to start the large braid……after I finish the center square, I break the yarn off, right? Ok, I cast on 23 stitches onto a dp needle, then I put the 23 stitches back on my left needle….the circular needle that’s holding my center square? Is that the left needle they’re speaking of? Can you please explain how I get this part of it (the large braid) going. The instructions as they are written are about as clear as mud to me. Thanks : )

    1. Hello!

      The side edging is put on at a right angle to the center square. Those 23 cast-on stitches DO go on the circular needle that is holding the center square. You’ll work across those stitches, joining the last of the 23 stitches to the center with a decrease of some kind.

      I seem to remember a lot of people talking about Yggdrasil on Ravelry — you might try searching the forums there as well.

      1. Thank you so so much. After abot 2 dozen tries, I think I’ve got it : ) yay me! Finally! I did look on Ravelry, but couldn’t find the answers I needed.
        You’ve helped me tremendously. Thank you.

  4. Is there any any any chance that you would either have one skein of the Dungarees left, or that you would know a friend of a friend who would have some? My friend started making this blanket years ago, and they discontinued production of the dungarees color. She is quite irate at her miscalculation, seeing as she is trying to complete this project and move on after she started it for someone who was dealing with illness and then passed before she could finish. Thank you for any help at all!

  5. I think my last comment was lost when I was prompted to log in..? Sorry if this is a repeat: My friend is trying to finish a blanket she started for another friend who was battling illness, but passed before the blanket was complete. She recently was able to return to the project, but (perhaps through the process of moving several times..?) she discovered she is one skein short. This realization is worsened because she knows that KnitPick no longer makes City Tweed HW in Dungarees. Is there any chance that you or someone you know has any left? Or that there is a website somewhere for discontinued stuff like this? Thank you for any help.

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