CO Monday: Pig Sans Wings

Some “friends” of mine showed me this adorable FREE pattern, and I just couldn’t resist! I cast on right away for my very own version of Oink (by Susan B. Anderson of Spud & Chloe).


I used leftover yarn bits — Wool of the Andes for the body, Shine Worsted for the nose tip & ear-insides, and Gloss for the black embroidery.

Now we shall pause to admire pink pigs adorable curly tail!


I was in too much of a rush to use a pink bouncy ball, but it is an awesome idea.

The wings on the pattern are awesome too!  The omission on my pig is primarily due to the fact that I knit too late at night, and tried two very different techniques for making the wings. I, uh, tried to make the 2nd one i-cord style, after being annoyed with knitting the first one in the round.  The two wings came out radically different sizes, and I just couldn’t stay up and make a third wing. Plus I couldn’t decide where/how to put them. Plus my pig was so cute already!



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