Cast-On Monday: What are YOU working on?

Guess how many new projects I cast on in the last few weeks?  Other than my little pink pig, zero.

I have a good excuse though! I’ve been working hard the last week or so on getting proposals ready for two different calls for submission.  For Classic Elite’s Spring 2013 call, I’m submitting a cute little cardigan in Provence, and a classic triangular shawl in Soft Linen.  Meanwhile, Knit Picks put out a call for their very first IDP collection for Late Winter/Spring 2013.  For that call, I’m submitting a lacy short-sleeved top in Cotlin, and a short-row crescent lace shawl in Alpaca Cloud.  Of course I would be Super Excited if my submissions are picked up, but I’m also aware that the  deadlines will be all on top of each other.  In the unlikely event that all four proposals are accepted, I will need my needles clear and ready to go.

So, here’s my question to you, dear reader:

What have YOU cast on in the  last two weeks or so? What new and fabulous projects are rocking your needles?


2 thoughts on “Cast-On Monday: What are YOU working on?

  1. I’m working on Tree of Life Baby Throw – and have frogged and tinked over and over – and after 49 of the 50 rows in pattern, I started over with a new skein – and realized finally that I was messing up with the cable abbreviations.

    It is true that 2/1 and 2/2 are very different and make things come out wrong. Duh and Double Duh Duh.

    Now I think I’m ok, except for the strange extra stitches that are not included in the row-by-row instructions or in the chart.

    I read all the Comments and no one else has said they have problems!!

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