E-book Review: the Sock Report

Thanks to a recommendation from a fellow knitter on Ravelry, I found my way to the inaugural issue of the Sock Report. Go ahead, go take a look …. I’ll still be here when you get done drooling.

Pretty fantastic, no?  I broke down about halfway through and bought the e-book. At $16 for 16 exceptional patterns, it was a deal too good to refuse.  It’s rare for a book to have so many patterns I just HAVE to make, and I definitely want to reward Janel Laidman and company for putting together such a great collection.  Ten of the sixteen patterns are in my queue — including three actual sock patterns.

But, to me, the glory of the Sock Report is the use of sock yarn in not-sock items.  I have already order Stroll Tonal in the new Pacific colorway to make a stormy-sea version of SusannaIC‘s Marigold. I’ll buy beads after I have the yarn in hand…

I also have a mad plan to make a pair of little wedding-themed beavers for my friends Chris & Dana, who are getting married this weekend. See how charming the beaver is? It’s second from the right of the Pocket Pals (by Chris deLongpre). Don’t know that I’ll get them done before the actual wedding though …


2 thoughts on “E-book Review: the Sock Report

  1. I love those pocket pals too. I’ve never made knitted toys before, but these might tempt me to start. I particularly like the Beaver. The BF likes the owl.

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