Cast-On Monday: My Blithe Heaven

I spent most of the week working hard on design samples, but I did reward myself at milestones by working on another project — a little like a palette cleanser between courses of sleeves, bands, bodies, etc.  I was EXTRA good and worked only on two projects that I owe to the shop — I cast on for a lacy sample in some off-label 100% camel yarn.  I don’t know the whole story, but my understanding is that it was meant to be one yarn, but came in off from the standard.  It’s simply lovely — just not what it was supposed to be, so it’s being sold as itself instead.  It’s a three-ply, loosely spun — blocks like a dream!

I used “My Heaven” for this project, but I used #7 needles (better for making fingering-weight lace) and scaled down the number of repeats.  I actually finished (yay!) during the car trip home, and the shawl is blocking as I type.  It will feel great to turn in this project — I’ve been feeling guilty about not getting it done sooner.

The other project I owe the shop is a store sample of my very own pattern, soon to be released in the Fall 2012 booklets from CEY.  I’m now done with 13 of the 15 pattern repeats, so the finish line is well within sight. I think the booklets will be out soonish, so this is another project that I’ll be glad to have done and turned in.


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