Hexipuff Update

Back in February, I decided to enter the madness that is the Beekeeper’s Quilt.  Beginning with my own sock-yarn leftovers, I began making hexipuffs … which quickly led to swapping with other puff-ers (and blankie-makers, et al.).  From there my decent into madness was swift and irreversible. I developed a daily puff habit, and some days puffed more than once. I’m going for 366 in 2012, and as of today I have 169 puffs completed.  Given my late start, I’m actually keeping up and even catching up — I’m only 27 puffs “behind” where I ought to be today (196 puffs).

Weirdly, my puffs-to-date make a perfect hexagon of puffery, with eight puffs per side:


Lucky for me, I have lots (and LOTS) of mini skeins still to go — I’ve slowed down a bit on swapping for myself, but I’ve also become a mod in the Minimall group on Ravelry. Minis for one, Minis for all!


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