Cast-On Monday: Ravellenic Games 2012

On Friday, millions of people worldwide watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games.  Some small but significant subset of these people were mad knitters, competitors in the 2012 Ravellenic Games. From July 27th until August 12th, knitters will strive to embody Citius, Altius, Fortius in their knitting projects. I am a member of two different teams: Team Knitting Dead (from a Walking Dead fan forum on Ravelry) and  Team MallRats (from the Minimall skein-swapping group on Ravelry).

In a nutshell, there are 32 different events to compete in, and most involve starting and finishing a project during the Olympics.  I chose three projects from my queue for which I already had yarn, plus I set aside a bag of 40 minis (all glorious Socks That Rock Lightweight):

For Team MallRats, I’m competing in the Modular event.  My goal is to complete 40 puffs during the Olympics. This works out to a little more than two a day.  Not coincidentally, this will catch me up to where I’m “supposed” to be in terms of completely 366 puffs this year. Check out my pretty minis!

For Team Knitting Dead, I’m competing in the Cowl, Hat, and Shawl events.  (It’s conceivable that I might finish all three, in which case I will consider adding one of my many (many, many) other queued-with-yarn-assigned projects.)  For the Cowl event, I’m making Eli a bright orange Clewe cowl to match his sweater.  With bulky weight Duchess, this project should be quickly completed.  The to-be-matched sweater:

For the Hat event, I pulled out yarn I bought for a Greenery Beret while checking out a LYS.  It’s very pretty and very soft:

Finally, for the Shawl event, I brought out my DK Capra and the pattern I bought to go with it: Parquet Tiles.


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