Cast-On Monday: Cranberry Wensleydale and Greta in Sanibel

I have been resisting casting on any big projects this week. I have sold a design to a magazine, and will have to drop everything and knit like mad as soon as the sample yarn arrives. (Deadlines being what they are …)  Also, I’m making something for a friend, and I want to finish it quick so I can give it to her the next time I see her — so I must proceed at least 4″ every day on her scarf.  Last but not least, I expect the next “Rockin’ Sock Club” kit any day now, and want to have a “working spot” open so I can justify casting on immediately upon receiving the yarn.

So, this week I plundered my Ravelry Queue for a pair of small projects.

The first is a Greta headband (I’m substituting Sanibel for the called-for yarn, which runs $40 a skein, ouch). I cast on and finished the first of three pattern repeats.  I need to visit Jo-Ann’s and get the necessary O-ring ASAP — should be done shortly, but for that.


The second is a wee mouse, Wensleydale, using some leftover Tosh Light. I finished the nose and head increases during Amazing Race this week. Here is the designer’s photo of the mouse — I’ll pick up some safety eyes while at Jo-Ann’s, I think.


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