FO Friday: Greta in Sanibel

In the spirit of “share everything, even the not-so-awesome ones,” I give you my Greta Headband in Sanibel:


Project: Greta in Sanibel

Pattern: Greta Headband

Designer: Nikki Wagner

Available: Interweave Knits, Summer 2012

Yarn: CEY Sanibel in #1395

See how pretty Sanibel is?  It’s a woven yarn, with stretches of shiny/dark mixed in with the main color.




It makes pretty fabric!



Alas, I don’t love the FO.  The headband works, but doesn’t suit my head.  I guess I can live with this, since most hats look good on me.  (I have a friend who can’t wear most hats — how sad!)



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