New Pattern Release: Sunburst Shawl

Introducing my latest pattern: Sunburst!


Pattern: Sunburst

DesignerRachel Henry (that’s me!)

Available: booklet #9222 “Meadow Melody” (from Classic Elite Yarns)

Yarn: CEY Soft Linen in two colors; 5 balls of the main color (2235 “Winter Pear”) and 2 balls of the contrast color (2204 “Titian Blue”)


Design/Skills Needed:

This triangular shawl is worked from the bottom edge up, which means the rows get shorter and faster as you go. Three distinct tiers of lace pattern help alleviate boredom, and highlight the change in colors. Transition points are softened with alternating rows of garter stitch. Lace knitters will be familiar with basic increases and decreases; this pattern also uses twisted stitches, double yarn-overs, k3tog, and sssk .

The shawl is large and drapey — it can be worn many ways! Check out this beautiful photos from the CEY photo shoot:


19 thoughts on “New Pattern Release: Sunburst Shawl

  1. Beautiful! I love the colours! Who would have thought they’d work together! They look so fresh and spring like. Congrats :))

  2. Just LOVELY!!
    I would like to know if the pattern is available to buy in PDF.
    Congratulations for such a beautiful pattern and colors chosen.
    Hugs from Isabel – Lisbon/Portugal

    1. Hi,

      Try the WEBS yarn shop website, I’ve bought CEY patterns in PDF format there before, I too can’t buy from the CEY website as I’m from Ireland. If you click the link for the pattern it will bring you to the CEY website then just follow the links to buy PDF pattern and it *should* link you to the WEBS site. If not click/go to and put in the pattern leaflet number into the search box.

      Áine from Ireland 🙂

      1. Sorry I’ve just checked, CEY international sales are being done through again just type in pattern number and it should find the pattern for you. I don’t think it’s available yet though as there was no ‘buy now’ button at the top. Sorry for the confusion! 🙂

        1. The new Spring 2013 patterns have just barely come out — the booklets are being shipped to LYS as we speak. Since past seasons have become available via patternfish and ravelry, I would expect that this new group of patterns will (eventually) be online as well. I’ll make sure to announce it when it happens. Add the pattern to your Rav queue now, and I’ll PM you personally :).

          1. Thanks a lot!!!!! This shawl is sooooo beautiful, congratulations! And I love the colors also! I’ll be here waiting………. Love it!!

      1. Hi Rachel!
        I just bought the Sunburst pattern in Ravelry. Oh My God, it’s so beautiful!!!!!!!!!
        Congratulations for this LOVELY pattern!

          1. That might take a while….you see I have other projects on my needles that I must finish first, otherwise they will never be finished! But the good thing is I have the pattern in my hands and I can start reading it, understanding all the words, thinking what colors I may use…. and then who knows I can sudenly start it…..ahahahah. I don’t have a blog to put the photos but I’ll find a way.

  3. Hi!
    Thanks very much for your help but I think it’s not yet available, I didn’t see any “buy now” button also. Suppose I must wait……sigh! I fell in love with this pattern the moment I saw it…..


  4. I just seen the shawl on the back on Knits (takes a little time to get to me) oh my oh my it’s even more beautiful that my screen showed me! I really have to knit this Now!! Well once I finish my new baby knits for my new great niece/nephew, but I might just buy the pattern and just even cast on :))

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