Cast-on Monday: Mezair Prototype (AATG #3), Circlet for S.

I asked my friend’s daughter (who is three) if she would like a knitted crown.  Via facebook, naturally.

Me: S, would you like a crown? If so, please tell me what color(s) you like, and how big around your head is.

S. (with help from her mom): S. says, yes, pink, and 19.5 inches. (She acknowledges that she could accept purple maybe if you don’t have any pink yarn handy.) Thanks!

So, I am making a Very Pink Circlet.  It’s a quick knit, very satisfying — great design.

In other news, I have designed and cast on for the third shawlette in the Airs Above the Ground series.  This one is very, very pretty so far! Beads make everything better, don’t you think?



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