CO Monday: Sunsuit for Gwen

A friend of mine from agility just had a baby girl … I kept meaning to make something for the baby, the whole time she was pregnant.  Whoops! Instead, I cast on for a “Susan’s Sunsuit” in size 6 months — it’s a quick knit, and should be done it plenty of time for warm weather.  The pattern is my own — to be published in the upcoming “Fresh Designs: Kids” book from Cooperative Press.  Here’s a blue version that I made for a different baby girl :).

2679 Lil Sunsuit (back)


2 thoughts on “CO Monday: Sunsuit for Gwen

  1. Very cute, especially from a knit perspective. From a mom of 5 perspective…I have to ask, since it doesn’t look like it….does it have diaper access or do you have to take the whole thing off to change a diaper?

    1. You do have to take the whole thing off, but since there are no sleeves and only the one tie, it’s pretty quick to get off. I found that snaps are hard to put into knitwear without ruining it.

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