CO Monday: Sublimity Cowl

I have been trying VERY HARD to finish projects and not start any new ones.  I submitted an application to the Fiber Factor, and I know if I win the knitting lottery and make it to the semi-finals, I’ll be very busy knitting for the next few months, and I won’t have time for a bunch of random projects for me.

BUT — I saw Sivia Harding’s new cowl pattern (Sublimity) on Ravelry, and had to make it. Now.

So, I bought a second skein of Tosh Vintage in Rosewood, ran to the bead store (that I had been at the day before, silly), and cast on. I love it.


7 thoughts on “CO Monday: Sublimity Cowl

  1. I had the same experience of “must knit now” with the Sublimity Cowl. Found the yarn and beads, and set them where I can see them as I knit as fast as I can to finish at least on thing:)
    And there’s the Capriole KAL as well to look forward t:).

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