Fiber Factor: Goodies

Oh yay, we have permission to share a bit more about The Fiber Factor!  I was SO SO excited to get the first box.  You may have seen some of the sample yarns in the Knit Your Life Challenge video, but trust me when I say they are even more lovely when you can pet them and squeeze them and call them George.


I was already familiar with a few of the yarns, but some were brand-new to me!  I have a serious crush on the Schoppel Leinen Los. It’s like twine on the ball, but it softens considerably with just a single swatch & block (hmm, wonder how I know that?).  I adore every long-color-change yarn on the planet, so of course the Shoppel Laceball 100Shoppel Zauberwolle, and Zitron Unisono appealed to me quite a bit! The Zitron Finest Royal Alpaca is incredibly delicious to touch … I really must find a project that will use it!  The other yarn that really caught my eye (and fingers, let’s be honest here) was Zitron Filisilk.

Besides “just” the yarn, the good people at the Fiber Factor also sent us lucky semi-finalists a cool project bag (really excited to fill it with the first challenge project!), a binder full of color cards, the latest Skacel mag, and a #2 Sock Rocket circ.  I’ve somehow not heard of Sock Rockets — are they new?? am I just that dense?? — but they are great: extra pointy tips, nice flexible cable (hello, Magic Loop!), and that slick Addi Turbo finish.

I have swatched, I have ordered my yarn for the first challenge and selected my interchangeable needle set, and now I’m biding my time until the package arrives tomorrow! We’ll be able to share in-progress photos in the forums on the Fiber Factor website (they’ll be up later this week), so look for swatch and WIP photos from me there.


4 thoughts on “Fiber Factor: Goodies

  1. I love Unisono and Filisilk. i’ve ordered them from a store online in the Netherlands. Yummy to knit with.

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