Sample Knitters Needed

Hello! I am in cahoots with Kate from A Hundred Ravens Yarn — indie dyer of the gorgeous pink-and-black yarn I used to make Capriole.

We want to make some of my patterns in Iachos and Llyr, so we can take pictures and sell patterns AND yarn at fairs. Most of the patterns are one-skein shawlettes, plus one pair of socks.

There’s never enough time to knit, so we’re hoping some intrepid sample knitters will help us out. In exchange for your knitting prowess, you get a free copy of the pattern in question, and an extra skein of yarn in the color of your choice.

Interested? For more details, please go to my sample-knitting thread in Kate’s forum — that’s where we’ll be handling all this.


4 thoughts on “Sample Knitters Needed

    1. 🙂 Probably the UK is too far away for practicalness. Also, this call went out last year … so we’re done with that particular project. But, thanks for asking! 🙂

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