Fiber Factor: In Progress

So … my “in progress” video is up on The Fiber Factor!

Go ahead, watch it, I’ll wait here … did you watch a couple other videos too? I’m starting to get excited/anxious about how the first challenge will go, judging-wise.

I’ve actually already finished my Challenge #1 project (last Thursday) and my “designer notes” for the project (last Friday). Both have to be done and sent tomorrow, so it was nice to be ahead of schedule.

But, now I have nothing of pressing deadline to do! It’s so relaxing to catch up with a few neglected projects …



4 thoughts on “Fiber Factor: In Progress

  1. Rachel — I love the idea of showing patterns from a beginner to an expert knitter for knitting your life. You are so clever!!!!!

  2. Katie Rempe’s video is super cute.

    I love your project; at first I was like “but she does those shawls All.The.Time” and then I realized “oh right, it’s a project for her life, that makes so much sense!” and the progression through skills concept is pretty cool.

    I had a hard time watching Tracy Purtscher’s video, but her design is interesting.

    1. Yah, I hear you — a tiny bit predictable! But, I thought — what if they don’t let us have a choice later on? I didn’t want to miss my only chance to do a big lacy shawl.

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