KAL: Evolution Shawl

Hey everyone!! My shawl Evolution is available as a FREE download from The Fiber Factor.


I will be hosting a KAL in the Remily Knits forum — let’s make the official start date June 24th, so people have time to get their yarn together and clear some WIPs off their needles.

You are, of course, welcome to use any yarn your like — but if you haven’t tried it, please consider Unisono. It’s fantastically sproingy and comes in beautiful solid colors (as well as the self-striping, which I chose for the design).

What you’ll need for the KAL:

  • US #7 needles (or there-abouts)
  • 975 yards of sport-weight yarn
  • a generous handful of stitch markers

The pattern is currently published with CHARTS ONLY, with the right-hand side of the shawl shown — the left-hand side is mirrored. 

However, I’ve been given the go-ahead to write out directions for all the charts. I’ll be working on this over the next week or so — I’ll get them done as quickly as I can. The written translations of all charts will be made available through an updated download from The Fiber Factor, as soon as they are complete and have been proofed.

For more details and to officially “sign in” — go see the forum!


2 thoughts on “KAL: Evolution Shawl

  1. So far I’ve never used a chart except for Fairisle knitting so could use a lot of help in coping with all the abbreviations. The shawl you show is beautiful. Did you really use a blended yarn? It’s remarkable isn’t it how the stripes come out just right. I shall take a look at your patter. Perhaps I can figure it out but I would prefer the traditional way of working from a pattern.

    1. Come join the KAL on Ravelry! There are plenty of people who can help you make the transition from written to charted directions. The full written directions should be available later this week.

      What do you mean by “blended” yarn? I used Unisono self-striping, which has very long color repeats.

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