Laying Out My Beekeeper’s Quilt

Last week, while I mulled over the implications of the Challenge Three Twist for the Fiber Factor, I spent a couple hours laying out some of my hexipuffs (over which I have over 400, yikes!).  I had already (mostly) sorted them into broad categories:

  • Red/Pink/Purple
  • Orange/Yellow
  • Green/Blue
  • Neutral
  • Multi-colored (no dominant color)

I could see after sorting that about half my puffs fit into a color group.  Of these, about half were Red/Pink/Purple.  I had very little Orange/Yellow, so I started with those, then transitioned to green/blue. I’m trying to put the more “pure” colors near the bottom edge, shading into more “muddy” or striped puffs towards the top (where they can blend into the neutral and multi puffs, later on).


I was on a roll, so I broke out the pink/red/purple! I put the warmer ones on the orange side, and the cooler ones on the blue side — plenty to cover both ends, since I had so many in this color grouping.


That’s where I stopped! I want to let this layout settle for a couple days — I will play with it a bit, then sew them in place. It can be helpful to view in black and white, when making big color choices … helps see the values of the different colors:

IMG_6224 (2)


4 thoughts on “Laying Out My Beekeeper’s Quilt

  1. I’ve often thought of applying myself to knit a beekeeper quilt. I might finish it if I spent a few years at it in my between project moments.

    Yours is so pretty.

  2. Wow! So beautiful! I love the rainbow gradient idea. I’ve been considering how to lay mine out (if I ever finish) as well… whether to go random, or some sort of pattern. I’ve seen people do flower clusters, and I like that too.

  3. It looks great! I started my own series of hexipuffs, but they’re not going to be nearly as organized or as diverse as yours.

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