The Fiber Factor: Challenge Six Has Shipped

Yesterday I took my sixth and final(?) Fiber Factor project to the UPS store in Chelmsford. You can see  in my progress video that I’m making a hat, specifically a cloche, out of Leinen Los with a band/bow in softest Kid Seta to set off a pretty little shawl pin from JUL. The hat came together right away, and I love it. I’ve always enjoyed wearing hats, and the cloche shape looks good on me (brim up OR brim down).  (In fact I have plans to make the hat again — must have this hat!)  It took me a while to figure out the right thing to do about the band/bow. I had SO many false starts … and I ended up pulling a knitting all-night on Tuesday night.  I finally landed on a good color combo/design, but I’d had so many wrong turns I couldn’t risk waiting until the next day to finish.  (What if it hadn’t worked? Then I really would have been in trouble.)

ANYway, I want to personally thank theoatmeal  for introducing me to the mantis shrimp, which  helped me settle on a set of four colors for this hat.  Those “harbingers of blood-soaked rainbows” rock my world.


The judging for this round is taking place at VKL Chicago. As always, I’ll be interested to hear the judges’ feedback. Results for Challenge 6 should be online at The Fiber Factor on or about November 9th.  I’ll post more photos after that.

The other thing that’s happening on or about November 9th is the announcement of the three finalists, who will go on to compete in the two-month-long final challenge of The Fiber Factor. At this point, coming off the last three very-short-deadline challenges, I’m feeling ambivalent about moving on to the next round.  Of course if I’m selected, I’ll be thrilled and delighted.  The winner of the final challenge gets a trip for two to Germany! Plus it would mean they like me!  However, NOT being selected would be cool too.  It would mean I’d have a shockingly relaxed holiday season. I could knit on my own projects without feeling guilty or furtive, and I could start submitting to calls without worrying if the deadline will coincide with a Fiber Factor deadline.  I could cheer on the final three and have opinions and just enjoy the competition as a “Watcher.”  Ultimately I’m too competitive to NOT want to play, and too realistic to be sorry if I don’t get to.

It’s been fantastic. I don’t regret a minute of it. My sincere thanks to Skacel (especially Karin, Cirilia, and Chuck) for putting the Fiber Factor together. Honor and glory to my fellow semi-finalists.  Thanks most of all to my friends and family, who have been incredibly supportive over the last seven months. (Oh tiki dog it, seven months! No wonder I’m feeling a bit worn out.)



4 thoughts on “The Fiber Factor: Challenge Six Has Shipped

  1. I have truly enjoyed watching all of you contestents on the Fiber Factor and am looking forward to the home stretch. Good luck. Oh and I found your last piece that you made to be absolutely stunning, it was in my top 3, I am so glad I am not a judge because I wouldnt be able to decide.

  2. It’s been so much fun to follow The Fiber Factor, and to be exposed to the immense amount of creativity among the contestants. Good luck to you in #6! 😀

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