Fiber Festival of New England: 2013 Trip

On Saturday last, seven of us packed into my minivan and we drove down to the Big E to touch, covet, and even acquire some of loveliest yarn, fiber, and animals I have yet to see.  I shared a bunch of photos as we went via instagram — here are some of my favorites…

Kate’s gorgeously colorful booth for A Hundred Ravens:


Cool gradient combos for shawls and blankets:


Jen’s new bunny lording over all our purchases:


What it looks like when seven avid knitters/spinners/felters buy stuff for a day:


Did I mention the bunny?? Hawthorne is awesome.



8 thoughts on “Fiber Festival of New England: 2013 Trip

    1. I believe he’s an English Angora — he’s from Evergreen:

      I visited Master Hawthorne last night, and he is already the boss of his house. He is a clever rabbit and has learned to jump up and down from furniture, and was in the process of climbing into a “no-bunny” zone by using his food bag and cage as steps!

  1. Can I tell you how very excited and happy I am to have you blogging again. And I LOVE your new hat photo!!!! Might see you Friday at Stitches. Hope my back holds up better if there is carpeting. Got my list ready to go.


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