CO Monday: Cogwheel Prototype, Vail of Morvarch

I finished the blocking on my Flywheel prototype (it is AMAZING btw and I am so excited for this M-KAL! you should be too!), so I cast on for the 2nd shawl in this series.  Clockwork Collection Shawl #2 is “Cogwheel” — it uses 2-color garter stitch interspersed with lace motifs, and is inspired by  gears (well, at least a little bit).

Cogwheel Swatch:

I actually knit a big section of the prototype, then ripped, then started again, then ripped — the proportions weren’t quite right at first (or second).  Here’s hoping the third time will be the charm :).

I also started a Morvarch shawl for myself.  I had the pleasure of shopping for yarn for this pattern, since I don’t actually have that much laceweight around the house, and what I do have is committed to projects.  I ended up buying hand-painted Vail (so soft, so pretty).  It’s actually light fingering-weight, but I’m persuading it to behave like a sturdy laceweight for this project.

(Yes, I am on a bit of a color kick! How nice of you to notice :).)


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