CO Monday: Mainspring Prototype, Rory at the Coast, Peacock Themisto

It’s been a busy week! I finished off Cogwheel and sent the pattern to the tech editor, so it was time to cast on for the third and final design for the Clockwork Collection.  “Mainspring” uses one skein each of Kyoto and Couleren in Iachos.  The swatch is something  I made a while ago, looking for something to do with a high-contrast multi … I think it with be beautiful in these two spring-y colorways.

Speaking of Iachos, I abducted a test skein from the House of a Hundred Ravens.  I’m calling it “Rory the Roman” because the real colorway (slightly different) is “The Last Centurian.”  It looks an awful lot like my favorite breakfast item at Vic’s Waffle House: the Dulche de Leche Waffle. Yum!  I’m making a Steilküste cowl with it, which makes good use of short rows to pool the colors. Loving it so far!

Last but not least, I have a hat — Themisto — that I bought yarn for at Stitches East last fall.  I fell in love with the Peacock colorway, and had to come up with some excuse to buy it.  Glad I did!  The yarn is a bit, ahem, “rustic.”  But, I think it will be all right in the long run.


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